Welcome to a revolution in your pursuit to achieve the highest standards of excellence in your diving.

Whether you are a recreational,  technical, cave, rebreather or side-mount diver, your needs are supported by UTD training. Through UTD’s unique approach of providing a unified, consistent, scalable and interchangeable system, we can help you reach your dreams of achieving excellence.

Freestyle Divers provide UTD training up to instructor level as well as tailored coaching programs designed to help you become an awesome diver. 

Extreme Scuba Makeover

This is one of the entry points into UTD Scuba Diving training for both certified and non-certified divers, using innovative teaching techniques you will not find anywhere else in the region. For the certified diver we work on precise buoyancy control through breathing and proper weighting to make you perfectly balanced in the water. For non-certified divers, this is the first part of your open water class. From your first breath underwater you will learn precision control, which is the basis of all comfort and safety in the water. Join us for UTD’s world famous ESM course and take your diving to a new level.

Subscription Model

Choose one course and get them all!

In the old training materials model you buy your book or your online course, take your class, and if you want another class you buy another book. UTD offers the option to sign up for a course subscription model. We have packaged every foundational and recreational course we offer into one package for one monthly fee. No matter what course you are taking, you can always look ahead to what’s next, or look back to what you’ve already accomplished. The monthly subscription is $19.95 USD. Keep it going as long as you like, cancel anytime after your class.

Click below to listen to Jeff Seckendorf, CEO of UTD Scuba Diving, talking about the rationale for subscription.


Great scuba training does not have to be focused on just the outcome. It can be about the process.
If we take a page from coaching in almost every other discipline, coaches make athletes better. It is not just about making a runner or cyclist faster; it’s about making them better. We can pace your training and include strength and nutritional guidance too. Come and join us on Saturday mornings for our weekly coaching program.