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If you are looking for a RAID Professional Training Center, Freestyle Divers is the largest center in the UAE, with resident Instructor Trainers and Regional Examiners on staff. RAID diving in UAE is managed by Darryl Owen, the co-owner of Freestyle Divers. It’s the fastest growing training agency in the world and there are some very good reasons why! Start by reading our FAQ which explains why we are a bit different from most other scuba training agencies.

Learn from the Best with Our Professional RAID Diving in UAE!

If you are ready to take scuba diving in UAE seriously, it is worth investing in an internationally recognized diving course. These courses show you the best techniques, methods, and knowledge available to make your dives safe as well as exciting. They can also be the first step towards a professional diving career with plenty of opportunities for marine-related jobs. One of the most distinguished bodies to provide these courses is the Rebreather Association of International Divers.
We are proud to offer RAID diving in UAE, with courses that range from the very first dive to professional qualifications that can be accepted anywhere in the world. We combine a number of different learning aspects, including theory and online work, as well as fully immersing you in the great waters of the Gulf of Oman. If you are thinking about learning how to dive properly, we urge you to take a look at what we offer with our RAID courses today!

The UAE & Oman’s Leading RAID Scuba Diving Courses

Freestyle Divers is owned and run by ex-military, highly experienced diver Darryl Owen who has actually written course materials for RAID which is used across the world. He is also an Instructor Trainer and Examiner for RAID HQ, working to train and improve diving instructors to the highest level. Along with a highly qualified team of instructors, he has worked hard to establish an important resource center in the UAE for anyone who takes Marine exploration and conservation seriously. Along with our RAID dive centers in UAE, we have created highly effective programs in the area to promote and preserve the rich marine habitat found here. For us, RAID training is a public service that ensures people engage with the ocean safely and with respect.
RAID dive training is a modern way to build confidence with diving and acquire internationally recognized certifications and safety standards. It has been designed to accommodate people from all kinds of backgrounds with all kinds of different abilities, whether you have physical challenges, have never dived before, or whether you are already a professional diver and want to develop more skills. Courses we offer include:

  • Beginner’s Try Dive and Open Water 20, for people who have little or no experience of diving
  • Master Rescue Diver, for those who have spent a little more time diving and want to contribute to the overall safety of divers.
  • Divemaster, for those who want to start diving professionally.
  • Instructor, for those who want to provide high quality diving education.
  • Instructor Trainer, for highly experienced instructors who want to learn how to take people on the journey to become a professional diving educator.

We also offer a wide variety of specialty courses for people who want to do specific types of dives. RAID UAE is the perfect place to learn things like ecological diving, performance diving, night and limited visibility diving, underwater photography, and search and recovery, amongst many other specialties.

Get in Touch With us to Get Raid Certified Today!

If you are interested in learning from the most accomplished and professional RAID certified instructors today in one of the best RAID diving centre in UAE, then you need only go through a few steps. Whether you have dived before, you have never tried, and regardless of your physical ability or confidence with the water, you can speak to one of our advisors now on our online messaging service to get an understanding of what is available for you. You can also contact us to ask more about our other specialty courses like sidemount diving couse in UAE, or even Dubai’s wreck diving.
When you’re ready to take the plunge, simply add your chosen course to a basket and follow a simple checkout procedure, and we will look forward to welcoming you and helping you to love the sea as much as we do! Also, don’t forget to check our corporate social responsibility initiatives in UAE. Read Less
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1. RAID is 100% on-line

There are no old books and course materials with RAID, all your theory is 100% up to date and can be learned on-line via your computer or mobile device, then verified face-to face with your RAID instructor 

2. RAID is 100% about TRAINING in neutral buoyancy

With RAID in-water training, you will be taught proper buoyancy from lesson 1. No kneeling on the pool floor, we teach you to dive the way you will actually dive in open water from the beginning. 

3. RAID is 100% about innovation

RAID was the first training agency to be fully online, the first agency to propose free access to all on-line training materials to make learning accessible to everyone, the first agency to create mobile applications such as the Nitrox Virtual Analyzer to help students learn quicker through digital training. 

4. RAID stands for 100% inclusivity

RAID welcomes divers from any background, using any configuration of equipment, from short hose recreational setups through longhose technical configurations, to rebreather diving which is where RAID was born.  

5. RAID is about 100% compliance to safety standards

RAID has implemented a world class digital Quality Assurance system into its teaching platform. The student, the instructor and the dive center must all confirm that every skill was performed and that the performance criteria were all met.

6. rAID qualifications are 100% accepted anywhere in the world

As a member of the World Recreational Scuba Training Council, RAID is recognized as a global training agency and its qualifications are accepted by dive operations worldwide. 

7. RAID Training is 100% about building confidence in the water

RAID’s standards insist on a minimum amount of time training underwater for every course. We are all about creating competent divers, not just selling certification cards. You can be sure you will be confident in your skills when you finish a RAID course with us!

Study on-line, train in-water

RAID’s world class on-line learning materials help you to get ahead of the game before you get to your instructor. Your instructor will help you with any difficulties on the theory, then get you straight in the water to start to build your new skills.

Constant Training Innovation

RAID education is all about agility, thinking outside the box and constantly finding new ways to improve the learning experience. A recent innovation was to transform your smartphone into a nitrox analyzer so that you can complete your nitrox theory on-line.

Giving back to the dive industry

RAID publish a fabulous journal called The Edge, which contains a wealth of news, diving advice and articles about projects all over the world. Like everything at RAID, it is inclusive and divers from any training agency will find a wealth of useful knowledge in its pages.

RAID is truly inclusive

The RAIDaptive training was designed to help physically challenged divers enjoy the underwater world. Organizations such as Deptherapy in the UK are using RAID training to teach injured veterans how to dive.

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RAID Instructor training is renowned for pushing your knowledge and skills to the highest level. You can join the fastest growing agency now, with local training in the UAE. Click to find out more!

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