Action Oriented Corporate Social Responsibility Project To Protect Our UAE Coral Reefs

Octopus Artificial Reef sponsored by DITH MENA

Freestyle Divers Marine Conservation Academy is creating an underwater city of beautiful artificial reefs on the coast of Fujairah, UAE.

In partnership with Azraq, the UAE based Marine Conservation NGO, we have worked with local corporations to sponsor the creation of coral nurseries and artificial reef structures that will transform barren sandy coastal waters into a thriving reef ecosystem teeming with life. 

The project base is at Dibba, Fujairah and its objectives include the creation of increased coral stocks to mitigate the effect of bleaching events, the scientific study of the rate at which a new coral ecosystem colonizes with different species as well as the education of conservationists in how to protect our threatened reef ecosystems. 


Our Corporate Sponsors

Many UAE companies are focusing on how they can contribute to a more sustainable future, with a lot of focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We are fortunate to be supported by our partner Azraq as well as a growing number of sponsors for the project. These companies have helped design, sink and monitor the artificial reef structures, as well as assisting with creating educational scholarship funds to assist with training of new coral conservationists.

Fujairah Artificial Reef Project

First Quarter Update 2022

Click here to read our summary of the first three months of progress on the artificial reef in 2022.