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The Gulf of Oman has temperate waters that allow us to dive all-year round to explore the extraordinary sites in its waters. It’s also an incredibly diverse ecosystem that may make your first dive, if you have never been scuba diving before, one of your most memorable. However, there are a lot of options available when it comes to scuba diving instruction, and if you find a cheap scuba diving course in Dubai, it is wise to be cautious. Especially when they offer scientific diving courses in UAE

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Safety should always be the number one priority when it comes to scuba diving, and those who simply look at it as a money-making venture are not always likely to invest in proper equipment. Additionally, some offer scuba diving lessons in Dubai even if they do not have the appropriate amount of knowledge to ensure everyone is safe and that the marine environment is well protected.

Freestyle Divers was created to provide people with safe and sustainable methods of achieving their scuba diving certification in Dubai. We are a team of highly qualified diving instructors led by Darryl Owen, a leading diving instructor in the field. As a senior member of an NGO that deals with marine conservation, Darryl’s objective with Freestyle Divers includes teaching people how to respect the marine environment and navigate it safely.

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We seek to make a real impact on public understanding of marine environments. That’s why we run exploration programs and continually document using our underwater photography and videography equipment. We believe everyone should access these kinds of programs which is why you will find them in amongst our other courses, which include:

  • RAID – an internationally recognized education agency, partly developed by our founder in conjunction with some of the most highly qualified divers in the world. It covers a range of disciplines from beginner to professional and subjects such as marine conservation and rescue diving.
  • Human Factors in Diving – specifically focused on safety in diving how to avoid hazards, these courses are proving to be crucial in cultivating safe methods and techniques for exploring the marine environment. Darryl is one of 8 instructors in the world qualified to teach this curriculum
  • Marine Conservation Academy – this is where we take you along for the journey, and you can learn all about the marine environment. This is our opportunity to show you around our world, whether it is for a family experience, a corporate event, or something longer-term like an internship.
  • UTD Scuba Diving – these advanced courses are for people who are serious about diving and want to take it to the next level. You will get to perfect your personal skills such as trim, pitch-perfect buoyancy, effective breathing and advanced propulsion techniques, before moving into technical deep-sea decompression diving, as well as the use of Nitrox and Trimix.
  • GUE – GUE training is widely acclaimed as one of the highest quality diving education systems in the world. Our GUE diving course in Dubai is highly suited to those who want to optimize their skills, learn about planning and executing exploration missions, and other critical skills to become a expert diver.
  • PADI-an an internationally recognized accreditation that covers everything from beginners right the way through to divemaster training, including a broad range of specialty diving courses like wreck diving in dubai, or TEC diving course in dubai. Read Less

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You could be only moments away from booking your scuba diving lessons in Dubai now. Simply take a look through our courses section or speak with one of us on our online messaging service to get an understanding of what we offer. Then, when you know what kind, of course, you would like, add it to your basket and follow our simple checkout procedure, and we will look forward to welcoming you to our center!

Learn Scuba Diving In Musandam With Freestyle Divers

Before you’re able to go off and enjoy scuba diving in Musandam, you’ll usually need to get an appropriate certificate to ensure that you’re a safe and capable diver. We’ll help you get there no matter your level of experience and the previous certifications you may hold. We offer a range of training courses for various levels and with different focuses, many of them being unique in the country. This includes basic scuba diving courses to speciality diving courses. All our courses are designed to produce not only certification cards, but confident divers.

You’ll get high-quality training from our experienced and skilled instructors and train in our indoor swimming pool as well as in the ocean. Whether you’ve never dived before and need to get the basics done or whether you’ve been diving for years and want to expand on your skillset, we’re guaranteed to have a training course for you. When you want to really enjoy scuba diving in Musandam, there’s no better option. Choose Freestyle Divers to learn from the best instructors in the country, develop safe diving habits and get a certification that counts for something. When you’re ready to venture out on independent dives, we’ll stay by your side for that too.

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