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Whether you’re a complete beginner or more experienced diver, diving with a rebreather is a skill you’ll likely appreciate. At Freestyle Divers, we can help you do exactly that. We offer dive trips, explorations and courses, many of which can be completed with a rebreather. Based in Khasab and Dibba Fujairah, we’re a short drive away from Dubai but with much clearer water conditions. Indoor or outdoor diving, beginner or pro, rebreather or open circuit, we’re here for all your diving needs, offering some of the best rebreather diving courses in the UAE.

Why You Should Try Diving with a Rebreather

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A lot of divers are intimidated by the idea of diving with a rebreather. They seem scary and unsafe, and they’re too time-consuming to maintain. Those things aren’t completely true if you are trained with the rebreather diving courses in UAE correctly. When properly used, rebreathers are generally safe, most accidents being caused by human error instead of anything to do with the machine. Maintenance isn’t as hard as you might fear either. Once you’ve become familiar with using a rebreather safely, you can reap all the benefits of it. Instead of noisy gear and bubbles, you can glide through the waters in complete silence and get much closer to marine life than you’ve ever been before. Plus, you can stay under the surface for longer periods of time. To minimize risk and become confident with rebreathers, let the experienced team at Freestyle Divers help you get used to them throuth our rebreather diving course in UAE.

Learn Rebreather Diving in UAE

We have courses for all levels of experience for various aspects of diving. Want to try open water for the first time? Want to improve your performance? Want to learn technical diving in UAE? or delve deeper into things like navigation, rescue or wreck diving in Dubai? We have options for everyone here, with many of our courses being available to complete indoors and outdoors, with a rebreather or other equipment. Aside from RAID, PADI, UTD, IANTD and GUE diving courses in UAE, we also have courses teaching marine conservation, marine biology, human factors in diving and photography and videography.

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Choose Freestyle Divers For Your Rebreather Training

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Many diving centers do things fast and cheap, but that’s as far as the benefits of them go. If the course is too cheap and the certificate takes no time to get, then it’s probably not a course worth attending. A lot of times, we have to undo what our students have been taught at these other places. We take our time with our students to ensure they actually become skilled, confident and safe divers. We provide you with the skillset you need to take on the dives of your dreams with minimum risk. With something as risky as rebreather diving can be when you do it without the proper assembly and safety checks, it’s important that you go to professionals you can trust. Instead of wasting your time and money on useless courses that barely teach you to dive, get quality education from Freestyle Divers.

If you’re looking to try rebreather diving in Dubai, book in for one of the courses on our website where you can use a rebreather. These include the RAID Performance Diver and UTD Scuba Diving courses. Book your next dive course or trip on our website or use it to contact the team for more information or any enquiries regarding scuba diving in UAE.

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