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For experienced divers wanting to be able to go deeper and face new challenges, learning trimix diving is essential. At Freestyle Divers, we have trimix diving courses in the UAE that are perfect for helping you on the next step of your diving journey. With a focus on safety and confidence, we provide UAE scuba divers with all the education and diving opportunities they might want. If you want to learn trimix diving in UAE, we’re the place to go.

What is Trimix?

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Trimix is a combination of three different gases: oxygen, nitrogen and helium. This is what you need to be breathing on deep dives. On technical dives deeper than 100 feet or 30 meters, it’s recommended that you use trimix to reduce nitrogen narcosis. Narcosis is a condition that affects everyone diving deeper than 100 feet or 30 meters, varying in severity and resulting in symptoms like feeling drunk, disorientation, poor judgement, memory loss and hallucinations. As you can imagine, it’s not a pleasant thing to experience. Hence trimix. It also decreases the gas density, which makes it easier to breathe at greater depths, and allows the oxygen content in the gas to be reduced to safe levels as the depth increases.

Why You Should Try Trimix

Everyone who plans to dive deep will need to utilize trimix at some point in their diving career. It’s essential for managing narcosis. The symptoms can cause extremely dangerous situations and accidents, putting the diver and team at potentially fatal risk. Below 100 feet/30 meters, trimix also decreases the exposure to high oxygen partial-pressures and the associated risks. Exposure to high partial pressure can lead to central-nervous-system oxygen toxicity, which can, in turn, lead to convulsions and drowning. So, if you want to be able to safely dive deeper, you can learn trimix diving in the UAE with Freestyle Divers.

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Go Trimix Diving in UAE

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For experienced divers looking to add to their skillset and take their diving to the next level, technical diving is the way to go. In our technical diving courses in UAE, you’ll get to work with trimix. The UTD Tech 1 Diver – Trimix course or RAID Deco 50 course is typically completed over six days and qualifies you as a technical diver. You’ll be familiarized with using different breathing gases and a single decompression bottle, along with approaches to completing two technical dives in the same day. If technical diving is the next step for you, this is the best course you can find in UAE.

If you’re ready to take on trimix diving, sign up for the UTD Tech 1 Diver or RAID Deco 50 course or contact a member of the team to ask if it’s suitable for your experience level. We have courses starting from kids to an advanced scuba diving certification in UAE that you can choose from. If you have any questions regarding trimix diving course, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Freestyle Divers is one of the best providers of trimix diving courses in UAE. The benefits of choosing us include:

  • A safety-focused approach that is based on creating confident, skilled divers
  • We don’t just hand out certificates, we provide you with all the skills you need to perform safe dives
  • Our team is highly experienced in diving and teaching
  • We have RAID, UTD, GUE, IANTD and PADI open sea courses in UAE for all levels of experience and with various specializations
  • We have a 3-meter deep training pool indoors for the hot UAE weather
  • Being based outside Dubai, we have access to the depths we need for technical diving as well as much clearer and better water conditions for exciting, clean dives
  • There are always fun projects for divers to join and activities for the whole family

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