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Scuba diving in Fujairah is an excellent hobby for all ages. If you’re looking for scuba diving courses for kids in UAE, you’ve come to the right place. Freestyle Divers has courses suitable for children, and with a huge focus on safety, we’re the right people to look after your child in the water. We help all divers develop the confidence and skills required for them to be able to perform dives safely and with minimal risk. We’re the biggest diving center in the UAE, and we have indoor and outdoor diving opportunities, marine conservation courses, and diving courses from multiple training agencies, including RAID, PADI, UTD and GUE. We take on children from 8 years old for diving courses and 6 years old when it comes to marine conservation in UAE. Let your child explore a new and exciting hobby in a safe environment by enrolling them in a course at Freestyle Divers.

Freestyle Divers offers five high-quality scuba diving lessons for kids in total that perfectly match their current abilities. Each of these courses offers a universally accredited experience that will be both fully safe and tons of fun!

There’s a reason we’ve got 5 stars on Tripadvisor and Google reviews- we offer a completely safe and 100% fun diving experience for divers of all ages. Your child will be thrilled to discover how much they can explore and discover in our acclaimed UAE kids diving courses. Many of our instructors have decades of experience and will be able to help your child realize their diving potential in a supportive environment.

Why Take Your Kid Scuba Diving?

two person diving on a blue water

If your child has started talking about wanting to learn to dive, or maybe you’re already a diver and would love to turn it into an activity for the whole family to enjoy together, you’re probably wondering if it’s a good idea. Here are some of the reasons you should definitely let your child take the kids scuba diving course.

  • They’ll improve their confidence in water and learn all about water safety, leading to reduced risk
  • It’s an active hobby that helps them stay fit and healthy in a way that isn’t rough on their young bodies; swimming builds muscle strength and endurance and improves cardio, but it’s also low impact
  • They’ll increase their knowledge and respect for marine life and how they can protect and help our natural environment.
  • Diving will teach them about responsibility, and how things like physics, biology and math can be applied to the real world
  • It’s extremely fun, they’ll enjoy every second, and you can get them off their phone or iPad for a while to do something healthy!

Scuba Diving Courses for Children

We have several scuba diving courses for kids that know how to swim, including:

  • RAID Try Dive: A half-day introduction to diving that takes place in a pool or confined outside water area with pool-like conditions, open to children over 10 years old
  • RAID Open Water 20: An entry-level certification course that takes a minimum of two days to complete, providing you with the skills and certificate for open water dives, minimum age 10 years old
  • PADI Skin Diving: This is an easy way to get into diving, snorkeling! Open to children from 8 years old
  • PADI Junior Open Water Diver: A certification course that takes 2+ days to complete, starting with knowledge development and pool or pool-condition dives and ending with four open water dives, for children over 10.

a diver swimming out of a small cave in the ocean

Kids Diving and Marine Biology Camps

three person diving in the blue ocean

If your child isn’t old or confident enough to start taking the kids scuba diving course in UAE, our marine conservation academy has many learning opportunities for the whole family. The Ocean Explorer Day is open to children from 6 years old and includes classroom learning, sand and plankton sample collection to look at under microscopes, and even snorkeling in our marine protected area for those who know how to swim. We round the day off with painting their experience on ceramic tiles that are then fixed to our artificial reefs as a lasting underwater signature. Parents are welcome to join and are bound to enjoy the experience too.

Sign your child up for one of the best kids scuba courses in UAE as soon as they are old enough, or sign up for an Ocean Explorer Day from 6 years old. Freestyle Divers is here to take your kid through the rest of their diving journey, up until the most advanced diving courses in UAE when they’re ready, and all the diving trips you can enjoy as a family. Book on the website or contact the team for any advice regarding scuba diving in UAE

Our courses combine theoretical and practical knowledge to give them a holistic, rewarding, and educational insight into the world of diving and what it can offer them. Freestyle Divers has a global community of divers of all ages who have tried our UAE scuba diving courses and loved them, so why not give us a go and see what the fuss is about?

Unsure about which course to enroll your child in? No problem! We’d be happy to guide you towards the perfect course for your child- just fill out the box, and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP!

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