Scientific Scuba Diving Courses in UAE

The Best Scientific Diving Courses in UAE

Whether you’re a complete beginner or more experienced diver, diving with a rebreather is a skill you’ll likely appreciate. At Freestyle Divers, we can help you do exactly that. We offer dive trips, explorations and courses, many of which can be completed with a rebreather. Based in Khasab and Dibba Fujairah, we’re a short drive away from Dubai but with much clearer water conditions. Indoor or outdoor diving, beginner or pro, rebreather or open circuit, we’re here for all your diving needs, offering some of the best rebreather diving courses in the UAE.

What is Scientific Diving?

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Scientific diving course in UAE is a course which prepares you to dive with the sole intent to perform scientific research tasks. Some common tasks for a scientific include sampling, data collection, performing underwater surveys, taking visual measurements and counts of living organisms, placing scientific equipment and taking photographs. Anyone interested in marine life knows exactly how little we know about the oceans on our own planet, and to find out more, someone needs to go under the surface and do the work. That’s what scientific divers do. It’s the perfect career for people with an interest in marine science or learning and diving, who are too active to stay coped up in a lab or office, and who are physically fit enough to perform dives.

Why Become a Scientific Diver with Freestyle Divers?

Is scuba diving course in Dubai the right career path for you? It’s a big step to make, but it’s an extremely rewarding job. As a scientific diver, you get to:

  • Make wonderful discoveries about our oceans and make useful contributions to scientific knowledge
  • Enjoy an active, physical job where no day is ever the same
  • Spend your working days underwater in the beautiful ocean

Becoming a scientific diver requires more rigorous training than recreational diving, and a course is essential to make sure you have the physical fitness, safety awareness and knowledge required for the job. At Freestyle Divers, we have one of the best scientific scuba courses in UAE. We’re the biggest diving center in the UAE, with a wide range of education, diving and marine conservation opportunities.
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How to Become a Scientific Diver

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If you’re on the lookout for scientific scuba courses in Dubai, drive that little way longer to get the top-quality education you deserve and come to Freestyle Divers. Use our website to look at the available courses, whether you’re ready for scientific endeavors or need to get your beginner diving knowledge first. we offer a wide variety of courses starting from kids scuba diving course in UAE up to TEC diving school in UAE. You can also sign up for our scientific projects or get in contact with the team and we’ll help you find the right place. If you have any questions regarding scuba diving in UAE, please contact us.

Our RAID Ecological Diver course is the perfect start for the aspiring scientific diver. Our qualified marine biologist leads a marine biology and conservation team at our center, where you will learn about marine conservation, the ocean environment and much more. The course also serves as the foundation for any diver wanting to join us on our scientific diving projects. We have courses and projects on marine biology, marine conservation in UAE and marine archaeology, so you’re bound to find one that fits your interests.

Learn More About Scientific Diving Certifications!

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