We are all about quality education at the Freestyle Divers Academy. Our primary objective is to create competent and confident divers, not to just issue certification cards. 

We all have a different way of learning and not everyone enjoys the pressure of having to complete a course within a relatively short timeframe. Many divers also enjoy regular training sessions to maintain and improve their existing skills.

To help remove the time pressure and to provide a regular opportunity for skills training, we have introduced our new coaching program.

The idea is similar to other sports training such as running, cycling, golf or swimming.

The main focus is on progressive improvement of skills rather than focusing on certification cards. This means that you can set yourself objectives over time and your coach can help design a plan to reach them. We can even recommend a fitness and dietary plan to complement your training!

We run group coaching sessions every Saturday morning and afternoon as well as 1:1 coaching to suit your individual availability and goals.

The great thing about the coaching approach is that as you acquire skills over time, your instructor will be able to record your progress and award you certifications when you have completed all the required skills and dives at your own pace.

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