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UTD’s Extreme Scuba makeover course is a unique entry level class designed to teach certified divers proper buoyancy and basic non-silting propulsion technique. It is structured to provide a strong foundation and to prepare divers interested in taking any other foundational course.

This class not only teaches you how to migrate to a long hose primary regulator, but it teaches you how to be a safe and environmentally aware diver through proper trim and propulsion.

The UTD ESM course is normally conducted over an 8 hour period, and involves a minimum of 4 hours of instruction including academics and 4 hours pool/confined water.

Minimum 16 years of age or 15-yr-old students who meet youth supervision requirements

Course Limits

  • Confined Water (like a pool)
  • Standard gas is air (21% O2)

 Who this class is designed for?
The ESM class is presented in a friendly learning environment where experienced divers will learn the basics of proper diving trim, buoyancy, weighting, and propulsion.

 Why Should I Take this Class?
Any certified diver wishing to improve his/her basic diving skills and UTD configuration. Many beginning recreational divers all the way to instructors from other agencies have taken this course in the past with amazing results. Having proper trim and buoyancy and refining your weighting will result in improving gas consumption.

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