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Diving is an incredible hobby, but if you’ve caught the bug and want to take it even further, you should consider technical diving course. Marine exploration or a career in diving, a tec diving certificate can get you there. Freestyle Divers is a scuba diving center in UAE with bases in Khasab and Dibba Fujairah, offering exploration, dive trips, education and more. We teach a wide range of diving courses for all experience levels, including technical diving, RAID, GUE, and PADI open water course in UAE. We don’t do things fast and cheap; we focus on providing people with quality education that focuses on safety, confidence and building up the skills you need to be a confident diver. If you want to learn technical diving, choose the UAE’s best tec diving school and come to Freestyle Divers.

TEC Diving Course in the UAE

If you are looking to do a tech diving course in Dubai or another area in the UAE, you should strongly consider Oman and the East coast of the UAE. Oman has some of the best dive sites in the region, with all other top sites easily accessible from our base in Dibba, Fujairah dive site. Freestyle Divers are the leading provider of technical diving instruction in the area, and we pride ourselves on delivering training that exceeds the requirements for technical diving courses. Not only that, but we also have courses for Trimix diving in UAE, Wreck diving in Dubai, and more.
Once you are bitten by the bug of scuba diving, you will want to expand your knowledge and skills to be able to venture further into environments where more advanced technical skills are required. We believe Freestyle Divers in Oman to be the UAE’s best tec diving school, as we offer RAID, GUE, PADI and UTD courses with a pass rate and safety record to be proud of.

Why Choose Freestyle Divers For Your TEC Diving Course in UAE?

Freestyle Divers is the best of the scuba and tec diving centers in Dubai greater area, with expert instructors and years of experience. We are an owner-operated business, which means we care about the services we offer and the safety of our clients. Safety is our main priority, and this is no truer than when considering a technical diving course.
As Oman and the UAE’s premier scuba tec diving centre, we also offer a range of other diving courses too for recreation or a specialist skill such as underwater photography, marine conservation, exploration dives or fish identification. We have something for everyone – from total novices to skilled, advanced level divers. We never get bored of where our scuba journey can take us, and we want to share our love for the ocean with you.

Which TEC Diving Courses & Gear Should I Buy in UAE?

If you want to enhance your skills with a tech diving course, our tech diving shop can give you seasoned, impartial advice on what might be most suitable for you, based on your current level, timescale, budget, and ambitions.
We can also sell a broad range of technical diving equipment if you don’t have your own and advise you if you are thinking of buying your own kit. Some technical equipment is provided when you take one of our technical diving courses, but if you would prefer to use your own, that is no problem. So, if you are ready to take the next step in your scuba diving odyssey, get in touch with Freestyle Divers today or drop into our base at the Radisson Blu, Fujairah – the best scuba tech diving center in Dubai region. Read Less
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What is Tec Diving?

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Technical diving, or tec for short, is all diving methods that go beyond recreational, conventional scuba diving. Tec diving is more complicated and allows you to go much deeper or dive much longer. Instead of compressed air, multiple gas mixtures are used to allow you to breathe at increasing depths, as well as accelerating decompression on ascent. Because of the pressure at increased depths, your body absorbs higher amounts of nitrogen and multiple decompression stops are required to eliminate the nitrogen bubbles when ascending. Due to the risks and complexities involved, compared to recreational diving, it’s vital that you’re properly trained and equipped.

Tec Diving Courses in UAE

We get that it’s tempting to go as far as possible, but tec diving isn’t suitable for everyone. There are a number of prerequisites for anyone to begin our tec diving courses in UAE, including needing to be over 18 years old and physically in good shape and healthy. This is not for beginner divers, and you will need to start with a basic skills course such as UTD Essentials, GUE Fundamentals Technical pass or the RAID Performance Diver certification, as well as over 100 logged dives. A full list of requirements is available on our website. If you don’t fit the bill just yet, don’t worry. We have plenty of courses you can enjoy in the meantime, like rebreather diving course in UAE, or Fujairah ship wreck diving.

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Our Technical Diving Training & Certifications

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Our RAID Deco 50 course is a great way to get into the best technical diving course in UAE. Alternatively, the GUE Tech 1 course takes about 6 days to complete and gives you a good foundation for becoming a tec diver, teaching you all the essential skills required to utilize the equipment, problem solve and perform technical dives safely. The UTD Tech 1 course has a similar approach to the GUE Tech 1 and will make you a fully qualified technical diver with strong team diving skills. We also have several foundational and primer courses to prepare you for the technical training, we can recommend appropriate step-by-step programs to fit your needs and diving goals.

Why would you come to Freestyle Divers when there are plenty of tec diving courses in Dubai? There are few courses that will provide you with the quality education, confidence and skillsets that you will get from us. We don’t just hand out certificates, we focus on helping people become confident, skilled and safe divers.

Our team has years of experience and we’re all extremely safety conscious. Plus, the water conditions in Dubai are less than ideal, so we provide you with much better diving opportunities. We’re the place to go for all your diving needs, with all the courses you require along with hiring of equipment, exploration work and dive trips with fun objectives for the whole family.

If you want to learn to dive, become a better diver or just take part in some fun trips, book in with Freestyle Divers or contact the team to ask for our suggestions.

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