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The PADI Open Water Course is often referred to as “the PADI” by newcomers to diving, it is the most frequently taught diving course in the world. The Open Water is the first certification in a line of PADI courses that we offer on the East Coast of the UAE.

At Freestyle Divers, we have a team of experienced and safety-conscious instructors to take you through the course. PADI’s courses are the most recognized and accepted certification cards within the industry and furthermore, your entry ticket to the underwater world. This PADI course is taught through a mix of independent study online (PADI e-Learning), skill practice in the pool and practical application in the open water dives.

Your PADI Open Water dive course in UAE will take place in the picturesque surrounds of Fujairah dive sites. While people are Diving in Fujairah, they will witness one of the Marine Protected Area in the UAE.

Freestyle Divers difference: we give you have the option to try different equipment setups while you learn the components of the PADI course, meaning you can consequently make equipment decisions based on trials, not hearsay!

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PADI open water course in UAE Key facts:

  • Minimum age: 10 years old (with parental signature required for paperwork).
  • Medical questionnaire and liability release to be completed before the activity.
  • Typically three pool sessions and four open water dives (over two days).
  • Group size is restricted to four students maximum because we want to guarantee your comfort and learning experience.
  • What Equipment Will You Need? Swimwear, a towel and sun protection. If you have your mask, snorkel and fins, we recommend you try learning using them because this will allow you to feel comfortable diving with them. Alternatively you can purchase these items from us online or pre-order before your course starts.

Open Water Dive Course in the UAE: Learn from Qualified Instructors

Scuba diving is often a thrilling and awe-inspiring pastime, but it’s one that requires some essential training beforehand. There are safety measures, protocols, and equipment that absolutely everyone should understand before even a single ocean dive to ensure risks are being minimized. For some, those who simply want to cross scuba diving off their adventure list, that training is too much hassle. They want their thrills quick and cheap, so they seek out fast-tracked courses at less regulated diving sites. Unfortunately, that sort of approach leads to many avoidable accidents and injuries. Safety and preparation are key to scuba diving, and we would strongly recommend that those looking for a quick thrill seek out a different activity.

For those who are enthusiastic about being prepared, you’re in the right place! At Freestyle Divers, we pride ourselves on being the ultimate value-for-money investment. We offer dozens of courses from several training agencies which are recognized and respected all over the diving world. With us, you’ll learn everything you need to know about whatever type of dive interests you want. From ship wreck diving in Fujairah to coral reef scuba diving in UAE, We can provide you the experience while also catering to divers of all experience levels. Are you a novice looking to get certified with the equipment and the techniques in a safe and thorough environment? Are you an experienced diver wanting to pick up underwater photography or videography? Are you excited to move from intermediate to advanced diving by learning to work with different tank configurations? We can offer all that and more.

Our PADI Open Water course is the most respectable, and it’s the perfect choice for those who are just starting their scuba diving in UAE journey.

The UAE’s Leading PADI Open Water Courses

What better way to enter the world of scuba diving than with our open water diving course in the UAE? Over the course of several days, you’ll learn through both theory and practice starting in our indoor pool, before moving to boat diving in the ocean on our local marine protected area. The course will cover everything you’ll need to know for this basic level of certification, including how to use your equipment, how to respond to emergencies, and how to handle increasing depth and pressure. There’s a fair amount of study material involved, but everything you learn on paper will be something you’ll get to put into practice.

Once you’ve had several mini dives within the pool to try out the basics, it’s off to one of your four Open Water dives needed to complete the course! In these, you’ll get to really see the full potential of what you’ve learned throughout the course as you descend nearly 20 meters and take in the serene atmosphere. Once you’ve applied yourself and refined your techniques, you’ll have completed the course, and you’ll have a PADI Open Water Diver certification. Aside from granting you access to many diving sites that require basic certification (which is all the legitimate ones), you’ll also be allowed to dive independently in any conditions equal to those you’ve already learned in!

Explore the Sea with Confidence with PADI Courses

If you’re looking to explore the sea with confidence, look no further. At Freestyle Divers, our comprehensive range of courseson offer caters to any level, from beginners to advanced divers. With an internationally recognized scuba diving training certification from a PADI course, you’ll gain not only skills but also the confidence to dive safely and confidently underwater. You’ll join a global community of divers, making connections with those who share your love for diving. At Freestyle Divers, we make sure you make the most of your underwater exploration and create unforgettable memories.

Find the Right PADI Course for You

Investing in PADI courses provides a treasure trove of benefits. You’ll receive top-notch instruction from experienced diving professionals, ensuring that you’re in safe hands throughout your journey. From those just starting out to seasoned divers, you can find a range of courses tailored to your level, providing an enjoyable learning experience that goes at your individual learning pace.

Beyond honing your diving skills, PADI courses also foster an understanding of marine conservation and environmental awareness. With courses such as the PADI Underwater Naturalist Specialty course, you’ll learn to appreciate and respect the underwater world, becoming a responsible diver.

Get Your Open Water Dive Certification with PADI & Freestyle Divers

There are several advantages to completing a PADI diving course. Firstly, it’s by far the most popular diving qualification in the world; PADI has certified an estimated 60-70% of recreational divers. Currently, PADI offers diving certification in over 180 countries around the world, meaning that PADI is a worldwide standard. Moreover, our instructors can deliver PADI’s comprehensive content in a way that is both fun and extremely safe. No wonder our customers have described our PADI courses as “convenient,” “professional,” and “helpful”! Also, PADI’s online courses are extremely easy to find and purchase at their official website; please ensure that these study materials are completed before joining a PADI diving course! This means that you’ll be able to get into the water quicker and start exploring! So, if you’re ready to start your PADI diving adventure, just click that button!

PS: If this course doesn’t seem quite right, check out our other diving courses; we also offer the RAID Open Water 20 certification, making us one of the only diving centers in the country to offer multiple types of certification. And, as usual, if you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us- we’re always happy to help you find the perfect diving course for you and your loved ones!

Remember: By choosing to train PADI open water diving in UAE with the methods of reputable agencies, you’re giving yourself a key to dozens of gorgeous diving sites around the world. For more information on our PADI courses, you can click on “PADI” under “Our Courses.” If you have any concerns or questions, please get in touch at +971 50 891 8207 or Read Less


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