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The Gulf of Oman is among some of the most spectacular places to dive in the world. Beautiful reefs, wrecks, extraordinary species of fish, and coral make the luxury dive resorts in UAE a treat for marine enthusiasts and professionals. Many people come to the area to learn about marine conservation and to enjoy the sights and wonders that these Middle Eastern waters can provide. To appreciate them fully, however, it is wise to have professional guidance.

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At our luxury dive resorts in UAE, we understand the importance of thorough knowledge and attention to safety. Though the waters of the UAE are teeming with life and all kinds of amazing things to see, there are hazards as well. Not only can you suffer injury if you dive with a poor-quality diving instructor, but you may do great harm to the marine environment you are visiting, something that has an impact on everyone. What you need instead is a diving instructor who can keep you out of harm’s way and show you how to respect the delicate ecology found in the reefs in this area.

We’ve developed our luxury dive resorts near Dubai to be the center of excellence for diving training and Marine conservation. Our team of instructors have spent their lives and careers in the ocean and are led by a highly experienced technical diving instructor, Darryl

Owen, an ex-military diver with a passion for Marine conservation. We have become a highly regarded resource for divers in the Middle East, not just for our impeccable understanding of diving safety and best practice but for our contribution and commitment to marine ecology.

Scuba Diving At It's Finest

Our mission has been to widen the accessibility to scuba diving in the UAE so that everyone can be involved with all aspects of the ocean. Our courses, like the GUE scuba diving courses and many more, are developed to accommodate those with physical limitations and build up confidence in those who have little to no experience. Courses we provide include:
  • Marine biology programs to help people understand the core aspects of ocean ecology, the delicate balance of marine life, and the importance of biodiversity. These programs are designed to further public understanding and are accessible to a wide range of people, including family and corporate groups, and we also offer internships from time to time.
  • Safety courses of all kinds that range from beginner courses to ensure that when you make your dives, you know what to do if you get into trouble and more advanced courses for instructors and professional divers who may find themselves in emergency situations.
  • Our advanced scuba diving certification in UAE, specialty courses, as well as professional courses for those who want to make a career out of diving. These can help you get into marine photography and videography or diving instruction, marine biology, or exploration to find new dive sites in UAE. Read Less
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Whatever your level of understanding when it comes to diving or the marine environment, we would love to hear from you today. Whether you have no experience or are a professional diver and you want to train in something new, just take a look through our catalog of courses, select the one you like, put it in your basket, and go through our checkout procedure. We will then look forward to greeting you and showing you around our luxury dive resorts in Fujairah!

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