#equipment RentalDaily Rate
1BCD or Backplate & Wing20.00 Dhs
2Single Tank Regulator 25.00 Dhs
3Dive Computer25.00 Dhs
4Compass25.00 Dhs
5Dive Torch25.00 Dhs
6Wet Suit 20.00 Dhs
7Dry Suit (per day)130.00 Dhs
8Scooter (DPV) per dive110.00 Dhs
9Twinset Reg Supplement55.00 Dhs
10Sidemount Reg Supplement55.00 Dhs
11SMB or Stage Rigging kits10.00 Dhs
12Technical Diving Umbilical Light30.00 Dhs
#Standard Gas BlendPer s80 Tank
1Single Tank Nitrox Fill < 40%25.00 Dhs
2Single Tank Nitrox Fill > 40%50.00 Dhs
3Twin Tank Nitrox Fill < 40%50.00 Dhs
4Single Tank 25/25 Trimix fillx Dhs
5Twin Tank 25/25 Trimix fillx Dhs
6Single Tank 21/35 Trimix fill345 Dhs
7Twin Tank 21/35 Trimix fill540 Dhs
8Single Tank 18/45 Trimix fillxDhs
9Twin Tank 18/45 Trimix fillx Dhs
10Single Tank 15/55 Trimix fillx Dhs
11Twin Tank 15/55 Trimix fillx Dhs
12Twin Tank 12/60 Trimix fillDhs

Frequently Asked Questions

Freestyle Divers have adopted the guidelines provided by DAN Europe for equipment sterilization, including the additional COVID measures..

Generally, it is sufficient to mention which equipment is required at the point of booking you’re dives. For special requests, it is best to let us know your requirement at least 48 hours before your dives take place

We have suitably sized equipment for our younger divers, including masks, BCD’s and smaller tanks. Please specify your requirements  at the time of booking. D

We have specific left hand and right hand tanks for Sidemount divers as well as all the tank mounting accessories. We also have sidemount wings available for rental. 

Yes, we do. Please contact us with your specific requirements and we will do our best to fulfill them. Backplate and wing, long hose regulator configurations, technical fins and umbilical lights are all available on request. We also have a wide range of retail items for sale.

Yes, we cater for both types of regulator fitting without any need for adaptors. 

We do have both S80 and S40 aluminium deco tanks available, with DIR style tank rigging. Please let us know at least 48 hours before your dive if you require deco gas to be prepared. 

We will need at least 48 hours to prepare trimix blends, and 24 hour for nitrox blends (48 hours is preferred for weekend divers).

We do support rebreather divers, please let us know 48 hours before your dive if you require CCR tanks, Sorb or other consumables. We have flushing tables for cleaning your unit after the dive. 

We can fill customer’s tanks as long as they are within inspection and hydro limits and have been oxygen cleaned if partial pressure blends are required.