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When one pictures scuba diving in UAE, there’s no kind of diving more awe-inspiring and surreal than wreck diving in UAE. You have the opportunity to explore very old and even possibly ancient bits of human history with your own eyes, eerily captured and partly preserved beneath the water. You have a truly unique opportunity to interact with one-of-a-kind ruins and enrich your understanding of nautical history. At the same time, you also have the opportunity to observe how marine wildlife interacts with and integrates a wreck into the surrounding environment, creating a truly bizarre and wonderful ecosystem right before your eyes. That’s why, wherever there are underwater wrecks at recreational depths, divers flock to them for an experience that’s hard to fully capture in words.

UAE & Dubai Wreck Diving at Its Finest

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Like with all other forms of diving, you need the proper training before taking on a wreck, and Freestyle Divers is the best choice for obtaining your wreck diving certification in the UAE. We pride ourselves on making every penny spent worthwhile by instructing thoroughly and flexibly. Different people will benefit more from different kinds of diving and different configurations, and our seasoned instructors are qualified to teach them all. That sort of experience has kept our safety and learning standards high; in other words, when you pass a course with us, we make sure that you’re set up wherever you go afterwards. You’ll be totally comfortable and familiar with any dive within your skill level anywhere in the world, and we make sure you understand how to minimize risks to yourself and others around you.

If that kind of unbeatable safety standard sounds good to you, we welcome you to enroll now! There’s no better training center or marine dive sites in the UAE for wreck diving.

Adventure is Waiting Below

Wreck diving in UAE or Dubai isn’t limited only to advanced divers; it’s an amazing adventure that’s totally accessibly to recreational divers at hundreds of sites across the world, including shipwreck diving in Fujairah. That being said, how much you’re allowed to do is limited by your certification. The mounting pressure at greater depths combines in strange ways with the unusual environment created by a wreck, and inexperienced divers can very easily become disoriented and risk injury or other mishaps.

If you’re content to explore the outside of a wreck, then we offer RAID’s Basic Wreck training to all divers who are certified in basic open water diving. You’ll have already covered the basics of controlling buoyancy and propulsion as well as familiarized yourself with your equipment.

In the Basic Wreck course, you’ll expand on that base by learning about equipment specific to wreck diving as well as techniques used to prepare for the challenges that come with it. You’ll have plenty to study on how wreck diving has evolved over time and how to approach it safely.

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Experience the Thrill of Shipwreck Scuba Diving Near Dubai

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If you’re an ambitious diver who craves adventure more intensely, you might not be content with just circling a wreck. You want to experience it fully; you want to learn proper wreck penetration. For that, you’re welcome to enroll in our RAID’s Advanced Wreck Diver Specialty, which is available to divers who are certified to at least a depth of 30 meters. Over the course of this training, you’ll learn to manage multiple gas cylinders, how to safely enter and exit a wreck, and how to overcome emergency situations while in an overhead environment.

Only a few days of training and preparation stand between you and a truly breath-taking experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life. If you’re interested in wreck diving in the UAE, click on “Join the Course”.

If you have any doubts or concerns, we’re happy to help with them; you can reach us at +971 50 891 8207 or Remember, we also have Trimix diving course in UAE and rebreather diving course in UAE.

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