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The UAE’s Leading Deep Diving Courses

So, you’re no longer a novice diver. You’ve built up a respectable number of dives at this point. You’re thoroughly familiar with all the safety measures, emergency protocols, and equipment needed at your current certification, and you’re now ready for the next step in your growth as a diver. You’re ready to unlock a whole new world of potential diving sites in UAE by learning to handle greater depths, working with nitrox, and thoroughly understanding the stress these depths place on your body and how to mitigate it.

Enroll in Deep Dive Courses in the UAE’s Most Reputable Diving Academy

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Our deep dive course is available in the UAE, and Freestyle Divers has the best trainers to guide you through it. With us, you won’t have any blind spots in your certification. We begin working on adept buoyancy control from the moment training begins, making sure you never have to unlearn anything further on in your studies. Our instructors, after decades of experience with teaching standards from multiple agencies, have an easy familiarity with the techniques and equipment that’s hard to match. This means you’ll be receiving savvy advice and lesser-known tricks alongside the standard course content, allowing you to pass the course with a keener understanding of how to be completely in control while underwater.

Remember, the more advanced your training in scuba diving, the more important safety and preparation become, so it’s essential you find thorough, top-quality instructors. That’s what we’re here to provide.

Want To Get Your Deep Diving Certification in Dubai?

If you already know about RAID and specifically sought out one of their courses, then you’re in the perfect place for it with Freestyle Divers. Our co-owner, Darryl Owen, manages RAID in the UAE, meaning that you’ll be learning under reputable supervision from one of the best. You won’t need to worry about the quality of the training you’re receiving while studying under an official representative.
If you don’t know too much about RAID already, then here are some of the benefits offered by the agency:

  • RAID covers such a massive range of diving types that divers of all specializations and skill levels will benefit from at least a couple of their courses. RAID instructors will also, therefore, be highly adaptable individuals who you can trust to guide you safely.
  • If you want as much practical learning as possible in your training, then both RAID and Freestyle Divers are a perfect fit. We keep our theoretical content fully online and tailor it for conveniently studying in your own time; that way, the vast majority of your time spent with instructors can be spent in the water, working on your skills directly.
  • There are virtually no legitimate diving sites in the world that do not accept a RAID certification, so a course with this agency will open underwater doors for you everywhere!
  • All RAID course materials are free for you to study! Everything is online at, so once you enroll in the course, you’ll have easy access to it. You only pay for the exam and certification once you have completed your course.

If you already have a certification from another organisation, don’t worry, RAID is internationally renown and your other certifications will still count alongside this one. Or, we also have deep diving classes and certifications available from other diving organisations as well, like PADI open water course in UAE.

RAID is one of the most respected diving certifications in the world. When you complete a RAID course, you don’t just get a certificate; you also gain a wealth of knowledge and skills.

The program includes the following elements:

  1. The history of deep diving
  2. Find out about those who explored the ocean blue before you and what they found.

  3. Reasons for deep diving
  4. What are the benefits of deep diving beyond seeing some cool marine wildlife? All will be revealed.

  5. Your personal equipment
  6. We’ll cover what you need and how to use it.

  7. Your specialized equipment for deep diving
  8. Deep diving requires some specialist gear, which we’ll comprehensively cover.

  9. The physics of deep diving
  10. Get ready for some engaging science content.

  11. The physiology for deep diving
  12. How does deep diving affect the body?

  13. Managing planning procedures for deep diving
  14. How to safely plan your dive to minimize the risks of being deep underwater.

You’ll also need to complete RAID’s cutting-edge e-learning, which can be easily purchased through Freestyle Divers when you book your course. This theoretical knowledge will support your acquisition of practical skills during this course, ensuring that you rapidly become a skilled and confident deep diver. Our RAID Deep 40 courses have spawned a global community of deep divers, all of whom can attest to the value of our RAID courses!

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Deep Dive Training: Details and Enquiries

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You can find most of the specifics on RAID’s deep scuba diving courses in UAE by clicking on the link to the course below. If you would like additional information or clarification on something regarding scuba diving in UAE, we’re happy to help! Just call or email us at +971 50 891 8207 or

If you’re ready to begin the deep diving of your dreams, then try the RAID Deep 40 course. This deep diving course is challenging yet rewarding; dizzyingly daring yet completely safe; life-changingly spectacular yet convenient to book!

The Safest Deep Dive Courses in Dubai

Diving in Dubai is great, but it comes with a particular set of risks and dangers. That makes it vital to choose a diving centre you can trust to deliver the best courses. Many less reputable places than Freestyle Divers basically sell you a certification that counts for nothing, and you’ll come out of it barely knowing what you’re doing. They’re fast and they’re cheap, which is why people sometimes choose them. But fast and cheap is exactly what you don’t want when you’re learning to scuba dive, especially when you plan to dive deeper than the average depth. The deeper you dive, the bigger the risks are and the more dangerous it becomes if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are some things you should know about deep scuba diving in UAE:

  • The deeper the dive, the faster you’ll be consuming your gas, which means your time is limited and your gas supplies are precious. Gas planning is a critical skill that is often skipped during deep dive courses.
  • If you go deep enough, gas narcosis can set in, which is a euphoric drunken feeling that will make you feel amazing, but can also cause you to become disoriented and less safety-aware. Choosing the correct breathing gas for the dive is one way to reduce gas narcosis.
  • Decompression sickness is very real and very dangerous, so ascending back to the surface always needs to be done carefully, slowly and with plenty of time.

We don’t want to scare you off deep diving, though. Diving deep will open up a new world of possibilities, like seeing brand new marine life and exploring shipwrecks. It can be made as safe as possible, but you need to be well-trained and prepared in order to do that. We can help you get to exactly that point, minimizing the risks and allowing you to experience the incredible wonders of deep diving for yourself.

We’ll work to equip you with all the knowledge and skills you need to stay safe while diving into the depths. Our curriculum is extensive, our trainers are experienced, and safety is our main priority. We will provide you with a skillset you can take with you on all your diving adventures in the future, without teaching you any of the bad habits that can cause accidents or leave you vulnerable. You’ll be ready to tackle any situation in a safe way. Freestyle Diversdeep dive courses in Dubai are some of the most extensive and best in the country, providing internationally accepted certifications and enabling you to explore the world’s oceans safely.

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