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Scuba diving in UAE’s coral reefs is some of the most beautiful natural creations on our planet, full of life. Coral reef scuba diving in the UAE is an amazing experience that you’ll never forget and will have you coming back for more. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced diver looking for your next dive, Freestyle Divers has you covered. We’re UAE’s biggest diving center and offer diving courses and opportunities for the whole family, with diving bases in Khasab and Dibba Fujairah. With our support and education, exploring the coral reefs is both safe and exciting.

Do You Want to Try Coral Reef Scuba Diving in UAE?

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No matter where you are in your diving journey, Scuba diving in the coral reefs around the UAE is one of the best ways to experience these lifeforms and environments up close. We have a course perfect for your skill level. We have courses from multiple recognized training agencies: RAID, UTD, GUE, IANTD and PADI. You can start with something as simple as skin diving or take one of our professional diving courses in UAE if you’re already experienced. Some courses give you an introduction to diving for you to try out a new hobby, and some can get you certified as a recreational or professional diver. Some take a half-day or full day, while others take around a week or more. 

Coral Reef Dive Trips

If you already know how to dive and are just looking for a nice dive across UAE’s coral reef instead of working for your next certificate, you’re free to book in on a dive trip. Bring along friends or family and spend a day out exploring the coral reefs with a hire of our equipment and the supervision of an experienced professional. Our trips are family friendly and children that can swim and dive are also welcome. It’s a fun day trip for the whole family.

We have multiple specializations available for the advanced courses, like drysuit and ship wreck diving in fujairah. With us, you can dive in our indoor pool or outside in the coral reefs. We’re extremely safety-minded and work to provide our students with the skills and confidence for them to become safer divers, rather than just handing out certificates. This means you can trust that you’ll be properly trained and minimize the risk involved.

a diver swimming out of a small cave in the ocean

Protect the Coral Reef Through our Diving Programs

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If you’re looking for something more active and exciting than bobbing along in the water, joining one of our projects is just the right thing for you. We have many marine conservation projects in UAE, exploration, photography and videography projects to come along to, involving fun objectives that will keep you challenged and occupied the whole dive. Discover new reefs and wrecks, build coral nurseries, or take breathtaking pictures to show everyone at home. On our projects, everything is possible.

No matter what kind of diving experience you have or are looking for, you can find something at Freestyle Divers that fits. If you want to go coral reef scuba diving in Dubai, drive the extra hour out to our base to get access to beautiful coral reefs and superior water quality. Book onto a course, diving trip or project on our website. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any enquiries regarding scuba diving in UAE

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