Artificial reefs have been used for thousands of years to create hotspots for marine life. Historically fishermen used this technique to increase their catch, but in this modern age, as marine conservationists we can use this approach to support natural ecosystems by relieving population densities through the creation of an “overflow” habitat. Corals, the building blocks of the coral reef ecosystems, require a solid substrate and the correct conditions in order to grow. When the conditions are correct but the substrate is unsuitable such as sand then we can provide structures to allow coral to flourish and provide a habitat for fish and invertebrates.


Create a network of artificial reefs at sites near to Dibba rock by constructing new structures to add to the development of present artificial reefs. Coral transplantation and coral propagation will be used to help establish the artificial reefs as marine habitats. 

Project roles 

We have designed three roles for this project, each are important to its success. These are listed below together with the training prerequisites and the opportunity to sign on to the team. If you have not yet reached the training level required for a role, contact us and we will build a plan to get you there.

Non-Diving Role

Artificial Reef Architect

This important role can be assumed by individuals, companies, schools or associations. Without materials to create the artificial reefs, the project becomes non-viable. The Artificial Reef Architects champion the sourcing of “things to sink”. This can range from aircraft, vehicles or boats to metal or building material structures. We will provide training on the types of materials that are suitable, with a minimum impact on the marine ecosystem.

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Non-Diving Role

Artificial Reef Builder

Learn about the theory behind artificial reefs and get involved in the construction of artificial reefs. Add your own personal touch to something which will help ensure our oceans health going forward.
There are no prerequisites for this role other than enthusiasm!

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Diving Role

Artificial Reef Diver

Dive the local artificial reefs and see how they are developing. If you have already been trained as an Artificial Reef Builder then you can assist in placing the new artificial reefs.
Prerequisites: Artificial Reef Builder, Open Water diver or Advanced diver depending on the depth of each artificial reef site we dive. For PADI Open Water divers, we also require a Peak Performance Buoyancy certification (or equivalent).

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