Dibba Rock – Best Dive Site For Open Water Divers

Just a stone’s throw from our base at Dibba, there’s a wonderful place for divers just starting their journey into scuba diving in UAE. Dibba Rock is the oldest marine protected area (MPA) in the UAE and has been a no fishing zone for more than 15 years. It is just off the coast of Dibba, a mere 5-minute boat ride from our Fujairah dive site base. It’s a perfect place for open water divers to get some practice while viewing some of the most incredible marine life in the area. At a maximum depth of 16 metres, this tiny island is surrounded by coral reefs where divers can see a multitude of species close up. Divers are dropped at a depth of 4-8 metres and the dive is expected to last around 50 minutes. The site is also very popular with snorkelers due to the magnificent coral reefs which circle the island.

Dibba Rock Diving Site Is Beginner Friendly

two person diving on a blue water

This is a brilliant site as it is so accessible from the mainland, and it’s a perfect spot for newcomers to scuba. There is quite a wide range of depths around the island, providing something within everyone’s comfort zone. The deeper sections lie on the east side of the island whereas the shallower waters can be found in the north, south and west. Boats tend to anchor to the north, south and west of the island to allow a comfortable entry to the site.

What Can I See When Diving In Dibba Rock?

Scuba divers report seeing an array of sea life even in the shallows including trumpet fish, moray eels, parrot fish, and turtles. Turtles are one of the most common visitors here, especially on the side facing the open sea. The deeper waters are home to cuttlefish, rays and squid and the hunting ground of the black tip reef shark. Even the elusive whale shark has been spotted in this area – so you may be lucky! There are sections of hard and soft corals circling the island at depths from 2 metres to 14 metres, which are in a very healthy state and provide shelter and food for a wide assortment of reef life.

It’s also an excellent site for a night dive, as it’s so easy to navigate and has multiple shallower sections over the coral garden. That’s why we love Dibba Rock scuba diving and offer regular trips to the site! Our clients’ testimonials speak for themselves!

a diver swimming out of a small cave in the ocean

Dibba Rock Weather Condition Is Monitored With Windguru

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With wind and wave conditions monitored daily on Windguru, your Dibba Rock trip is guaranteed to be conducted with the utmost safety when you book with Freestyle Divers. We also check the currents which can be quite strong at tidal changes. We take our clients’ safety very seriously, and all of our instructors and crew are experts in their field. We also offer workshops like wreck diving course in the UAE, underwater photography so you can digitally capture your memories below the surface. Also, our marine conservation in UAE training is also an area we specialise in – to fully understand the extraordinary ecosystem beneath the waves and to know how we can play a part in protecting it. Our coral propagation and artificial reef project is unique in the UAE and Oman. If you want to see the best at Dibba Rock, Fujairah, book with Freestyle Divers. Call us today for a friendly chat or drop in to see us at our base at the Radisson Blu, Fujairah.

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