Education, Conservation, Exploration

Freestyle Divers is the first official Global Underwater Explorers dive center in the UAE. This accreditation comes with the guarantee that we can provide gases and equipment to GUE standards as well as access to GUE Instructors. 

Although we do have GUE trained staff members, our strategy for GUE training is slightly different from the other agencies that we represent. 

We have structured a GUE training hub where any GUE Instructor can teach their courses, using our high quality facilities and equipment.

We have agreements with the local instructors and can coordinate courses between Dubai and the East Coast.   

Project Baseline

In 2019, we jointly launched a Project Baseline monitoring project with our friends from GUE HQ and the GUE UAE team. We are establishing a set of photographic data in a timeline to monitor reef and coral health and help detect any adverse events.