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Freestyle Divers is the first official Global Underwater Explorers dive center in UAE. This accreditation comes with the guarantee that we can provide gases and equipment to GUE standards as well as access to GUE Instructors.

Although we do have GUE trained staff members, our strategy for GUE training is slightly different from the other agencies that we represent.

We have structured a GUE training hub where any GUE Instructor can teach their courses, using our high quality facilities and equipment.

We have agreements with the local instructors and can coordinate courses between Dubai and the East Coast.

The Only GUE Diving Center in the Middle East

As a certified diver with some level of experience already, you’ll know that credibility is everything in the diving world. You want to have some renowned and meaningful accreditation to your name, to show that you’re a diver who understands the risks, respects the environment and ecosystem, and has the highest level of diving skills with a variety of equipment. Better still, a diver with highly applicable and versatile training will have access to sites all over the world; after all, the right fundamentals will expand outward into many different forms of diving. So, for the most suitable blend of applicability, respectability, and versatility, why not consider our GUE scuba diving courses at Freestyle Divers?

A certification with Global Underwater Explorers is widely recognized in the diving world for its quality, safety and reliability, and regardless of your specialization, you’ll find that GUE courses offer something to virtually all divers with some level of experience already. We at Freestyle Divers offer skilled instructors qualified to teach a GUE course in the UAE, and we offer a full range, including GUE Fundamentals, recreational programs, technical programs, drysuit primers, doubles, to name a few. We also run a GUE Project Baseline program to monitor our local marine protected area at Dibba Rock.

Why Choose us for your GUE Certification?

We’re not limited to any one area at Freestyle Divers. We don’t teach GUE exclusively—our instructors are also fully licensed to teach RAID diving course in UAE, PADI, IANTD, HFiD, and UTD courses, which all target different aspects of diving for you to perfect. Alongside these, we also have several courses focused on conservation and protection of delicate ecosystems, ranging from lessons for kids to practical work on coral nurseries and artificial reefs!

Our training isn’t the only thing we offer either. We also have several ongoing science projects at any given time, making sure our impact on the oceans around the UAE goes beyond simple recreational pursuits. We regularly photograph and film marine wildlife to draw awareness and learn as much as we can. We also work with companies interested in using their CSR programs to protect marine wildlife, to reduce their impact or increase their investments. Even if all you’re looking for is a rental company that provides good quality scuba gear, we can provide. It’s this broadness that helps us cater to everyone, from the most recreational to the most passionate divers out there.

GUE Courses Available

The GUE courses we offer are an excellent way to familiarize yourself with lots of different scuba gear or brush up on your technique if you’re a newer diver; for more veteran learners, these courses can prepare you for advanced lessons in wreck diving, exploration, and more:

  • Fundamentals: This is the starting point and a prerequisite for several other GUE courses, and suitable for practically any kind of diver with some entry-level experience. Many veterans take this course to move on to the tech training; meanwhile, newer students often use Fundamentals to solidify their basics in equipment, safety, and cooperation. If you feel that your previous training was inadequate in some way, this is the perfect course to remedy that!
  • Drysuit Primer: This quick non-certification course will get you comfortable with using a drysuit. You’ll also learn important techniques for cold water diving, and you’ll have opportunities to work on trim and buoyancy.
  • Doubles Primer: If you’re interested in eventually undertaking advanced dives, you’ll need to know how to work with a double tank configuration, and this is the ideal course for learning that. If you want to enjoy the serenity of longer dives or the mystique of deeper dives, this training is a must.
  • Technical 1: This is the stepping-stone into advanced diving. Students of the TEC diving course in UAE will learn to dive to 48 meters, using mixed gases and advanced decompression techniques, as well as advanced team diving and the emergency procedures required to safely execute complex dives.

Enquiries Welcome

If you’d like to see each GUE course available in the UAE, simply click on one of the course pages below! For any enquiries regarding any of our courses or any information about scuba diving in the UAE, please call or email at +971 50 891 8207 or Remember, we also offers one of the best scientific diving course in UAE.
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Project Baseline

In 2019, we jointly launched a Project Baseline monitoring project with our friends from GUE HQ and the GUE UAE team. We are establishing a set of photographic data in a timeline to monitor reef and coral health and help detect any adverse events.

Project Details

Check out our GUE Courses!

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GUE Fundamentals

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Advanced, GUE, Technical

GUE Drysuit Primer

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Advanced, GUE, Technical

GUE Doubles Primer

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GUE, Technical

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GUE Documentation Diver

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