The UAE's Leading Coral Reef Conservation Project

The Best Coral Reef Conservation Program in the UAE

Most of us know how important coral reefs and marine ecosystems are to the environment. If you are an experienced diver, this importance will be even more significant. Here at Freestyle Divers, we offer coral reef conservation projects in the UAE that are designed to protect and breathe new life into our beautiful reefs.

Our work includes propagating artificial reefs and coral nurseries as well as education programs that teach children as young as 6 about the changes that can be made to help save our oceans. When it comes to coral conservation and marine conservation in UAE, we are proud to be considered the best team in the UAE.

Why Is Coral Reef Conservation Important?

Coral reefs are one of the most important components of the ocean and provide us with many crucial benefits. These include:

Fish Populations

30% of ocean life either originates from or lives on coral reefs, they are truly the nurseries of the ocean and vital to its health and equilibrium. At this point in time, coral reefs cover less than 1% of the ocean floor and that number is projected to shrink to zero within 100 years unless we help protect them.


Acting as barriers, reefs can reduce wave energy dramatically, protecting us from high impact waves during natural disasters such as tsunamis, hurricanes, and tropical storms.


With a vast global income, coral reefs provide a livelihood for millions in the fishing and tourism industries. Those in hospitality, travel, education and more all use and enjoy the reefs as part of their career.


Life-changing medicine has been developed using extracts from both plants and animals that live on and around our reefs.

These are just a few examples as to why coral reefs form part of the backbone of our world and highlights why our work is so crucial. These benefits, both ecological and economical are essential to maintain our current style of living.

Our Coral Reef Conservation Program in More Detail

There are many reasons why we believe we are the UAE’s best coral reef conservation program. We have a wide selection of marine conservation activities for you to try. Whether you are looking for a fun day out for the family, to expand your knowledge through courses and internships or to contribute as part of a corporate social responsibility activity in UAE, we have you covered.

We have coral reef conservation programs that suit both beginners to marine conservation, students and those who have helped with projects previously. Whatever your age and ability, we welcome your contribution. If you are looking to gain your certifications or more experience scuba diving in UAE’s coral reef, speak to our team about personalized programs.

One of the key elements to our work is through propagating healthy coral and then transplanting this onto our unique artificial reef system. The coral reef conservation program in UAE not only provides a new area in the ocean for fish to colonize, but it also allows us to closely monitor the effects of climate change on the oceans. Fascinating, isn’t it?

What’s Different About Our UAE Coral Reef Conservation Project?

Freestyle Divers is not just a diving school…we also run several significant coral reef conservation projects in the UAE. Our initiatives aim to build a community of environmentally conscientious divers and ambassadors for the preservation of the UAE’s incredible aquatic habitats.

The United Arab Emirates offers a marine ecosystem of unparalleled beauty, which makes it our responsibility to preserve it for future generations. At the moment, the UAE marine ecosystem is at serious risk, and, in particular, our stunning coral reef system is in jeopardy from numerous industrial and environmental forces.

Whether you’re a tourist, a family, a student, or a researcher, Freestyle Divers can offer you the perfect UAE coral reef conservation project, ranging from internships to Ocean Explorer Days for kids. You can even become a RAID-certified Ecological Diver with one of our accredited courses!

Just click one of the links below to find out how you can get involved with ourhighly rewarding coral reef conservation projects and help prevent the destruction of our precious marine habitats.

We hope to hear from you soon!

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Find Out More About How You Can Protect The Coral Reef in UAE

We encourage you to become part of the solution. Wouldn’t you like unforgettable experiences that help to protect the areas that you love to dive in UAE? If you want to find out more information about coral reef conservation in the UAE, browse our courses and projects online or get in touch today. Read Less

Become an Ecological Diver!

The diveRaid Ecological Diver course is a core module of our marine biology education system and we have both diving and non-diving options for this course. Click to find out more!

Marine Conservation Internships

Every month we start a new marine conservation internship program. You can decide whether you would like to stay for a week, two weeks or a month (even longer customized programs are available on request). This is the perfect way to broaden your general understanding about marine biology or specialist knowledge about marine science.

Help us protect our reef and coral ecosystems

Join our coral reef nursery, coral propagation and artificial reef projects to gain hands-on experience as well as the academic theory to help to protect and restore our reefs. We can expand this topic to provide a central thread for your marine conservation internship.

Marine conservation for kids!

If you want to get the kids off their iPads and doing something healthy and educational, we have some really fun programs for children. They will learn all about our marine ecosystem with some adapted marine biology education, collect plankton and analyze it in our lab, go diving or snorkeling then paint their experience on a tile that will become part of our artificial reef.This is the ideal way to get your children started with marine science activities.