East Coast UAE

Max 16m

Dibba Rock

Dibba Rock is our home reef. It's the oldest marine protected area in the UAE and has an abundance of life that is second to none in the area. It is common to see turtles, sharks, cuttlefish and a huge variety of other species. We are running several projects on the site, including a coral nursery and Project Baseline, check them out here:

Max 16m

Artificial Reef

A fantastic dive site suitable for open water certified divers, located just a few minutes boat ride away from our Radisson Blu centre. The center part of the site is constructed from concrete reef pyramids and is host to huge shoals of fish as well as moray eels and rays. The outlying part of the site includes a small boat wreck and old colonized fishing cages where we frequently see shoals of barracuda.

Max 16m

Hole in the Wall

Situated near Korfakhan, this site is a large reef with many gullies and interesting rock formations to explore. The central attraction is a 15m long swim through tunnel that is about 2m by 1m diameter, although the marine life is also spectacular. Rays, turtles, jawfish, cuttlefish and a multitude of local reef fish are all to be found at Hole in the Wall.

Max 18m

Martini Rock

Situated in a beautiful bay with a beach near to Korfakhan, Martini Rock offers some very nice hard and soft corals with rays, turtles and a large variety of reef fish and other creatures. We often do this site as a two tank trip with Hole in the Wall.

Max 12m

3 Rocks

Also known as Sharm Rock, this site is centered on a large rock formation with four pinnacles, three of which show above the surface - the fourth appears only at very low tide. This site is a wonderful maze of rocky outcrops, gullies and plateaus with some very nice hard and soft corals that are teaming with life. You can find turtles and a large variety of reef fish, large and small.

Max 30m

Inchcape 1

Inchcape 1 is a 20 meter long wreck lying upright at 30 meters depth. It was sunk in 2001 after the boat was donated by Inchcape Shipping Services. The wreck is teeming with life, large shoals of fish surround it and there are regularly predators such as yellow fin tuna that hunt there. No Inchcape 1 trip is complete without saying hello to Fred and Wilma, the huge resident Honeycomb Moray eels and if you're lucky you'll find the large seahorses that make the wreck their home. If you are qualified , the wreck can be penetrated. Nitrox is recommended for this advanced diver site.

Max 40m

Cauliflower Gardens

Close to Dibba Rock and our Radisson Blu center, this deep site has a sandy bottom that is populated with large milky white Teddybear soft corals. It's an ideal place to dive with nitrox or trimix and a DPV, to explore the garden of soft coral. You will need a Deep Speciality qualification to dive this site. Contact us to get qualified on DPV, we have rental DPVs you can use!