Top 15 Fun Activities For Children Of All Ages In UAE

If you’re looking for some fun and exciting things for your children to do, the UAE is definitely one of the best places you could be. There are plenty of locations and activities here that children of all ages can enjoy. Are you looking for some fresh ideas of things to do for kids? Do you want to pack up your itinerary with back to back fun? It’s time to take out your planner and put a to-do list together as we explore 15 activities for kids in the UAE.

Bounce Dubai

Even adults will be tempted to join the fun at the 100 interconnected trampolines at Bounce Dubai. A playground entirely out of trampolines? Yes please. Younger children can enjoy the Mini Bounce area while older children can bounce off the wall and throw some basketball hoops. Dubai’s biggest indoor trampoline park is the perfect place to take kids with just a little too much energy.

Dubai Safari

Most children love animals, and if yours do too then a visit to Dubai Safari is almost mandatory. The safari park has over 2,000 animals of 200 different species. Some exhibits are drive-through, giving you the experience of a real African safari, but you can also walk around the African and Asian villages by foot to see animals including crocodiles, hippos, tigers, lions, chimpanzees and much more.

Legoland Dubai

Legoland Amusement Park and Waterpark has some of the best activities to do in the UAE for kids. Both the amusement park and waterpark feature Lego creations and give your children an opportunity to explore their favourite toys in a way they’ve never experienced before. This location is most suited for children between the ages of two and twelve years old.


Kids love to play around and pretend to be doctors, firemen, pilots and other adult professions. Why not indulge them and let them take their imagination to completely new levels? Kidzania in Dubai is a unique place where small children can pretend to be adults and act out all these professions in an environment that looks like the adult world, but sized down for small children.

Scuba Diving in Dubai

One of the best kids activities in the UAE is to take your little ones scuba diving. Depending on age they might just be snorkelling on the surface or they might be able to learn to dive deeper, but it will all be done in a safe environment if you choose a Dubai diving club with appropriate groups and classes. In the UAE, there are plenty of coral reefs and marine life for your kids to explore underwater.

Swimming with Dolphins

And while we’re on the topic of swimming, who hasn’t dreamt of swimming with dolphins? At Dolphin Bay in the Palm, both children and adults can live out this fantasy and swim with real life dolphins.

Wild Wadi Water Park

The UAE has an extraordinary selection of water parks to choose from, especially in Dubai. Wild Wadi is only one of them, and this fantastic place features over 30 different attractions for the whole family, ensuring fun for children and adults of all ages. In the UAE warmth, a water park is the perfect place to cool down.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

This indoor amusement park is divided into different zones: Lost Valley, Marvel, IMG Boulevard, the Haunted Hotel, Cartoon Network, Novo Cinemas and IMG Kids Zone, where your children can meet all their favourite film and TV characters and enjoy a wide assortment of attractions. Meet real life Marvel superheroes or enjoy Cartoon Network themed rides – the choice is yours.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai Mall is home to some of the best kids activities in Dubai, and that includes the extraordinary Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Take your kids here to watch over 140 species of fish, shark and rays. There’s even a submarine stimulator and adults and children over 10 can go diving with the sharks.

The Museum of Illusions

If the water parks, safari rides and adventurous outdoor activities are getting the better of you, come inside for a relaxing yet entertaining time in the Museum of Illusions in Dubai. Even adults will appreciate this foray into challenging your senses and exploring things like the anti-gravity room, the vortex tunnel and the clone table.

Aventura Parks

When the weather isn’t so hot it’s unbearable to be outdoors, let the kids get some energy out by visiting Aventura Parks. This obstacle course includes ziplines, rock climbing and other obstacles in a safe and controlled outdoor setting, guaranteeing great fun for kids of all ages, and a nice relaxing night for the parents once they’ve passed out from exhaustion.

Mattel Play! Town

Mattel is one of the most beloved toy brands enjoyed by children everywhere, which means any child is guaranteed to love Mattel Play! Town. Here they can be entertained and educated by a wide range of toys, games, shows and learning activities, with five themed zones focused on different social skills and educational elements.

Indoor Skiing

Skiing isn’t usually something you associate with a place like the UAE, but who would pass up the opportunity to play with real snow in heat like this? Ski Dubai is the perfect place to do just that, a huge skiing dome with indoor ski slopes. Here your children can learn to ski, try bobsledding or even just build a snowman for the first time.

Green Planet

The best activities for kids aren’t just fun but also educational, and you get both at Green Planet. This exotic tropical forest has over 3,000 species of tree and offers the perfect opportunity for everyone in the family to learn more about the Earth’s ecosystems in a way that’s fun and interactive.

Horseback Riding in the Desert

This is probably better suited for the slightly older children, but it’s great fun nonetheless. At the Al Sahra Desert Resort you can go on a peaceful tour on horseback, exploring the sandy dunes of the desert and learning more about Arabian culture and the history of the Bedouins who live in the area. It’s a unique experience that also gets you out of the cities and seeing more of the UAE than the skyscrapers and huge malls. These are some of the best experinces for kids to enjoy in UAE – at Freestyle Divers we promise that you’ll never hear the word “bored” during your time here and we hope you enjoy putting a packed to-do list together.

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