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We offer expert diving instruction and excursions across the region. Led by technical diving instructor and examiner Darryl Owen, Freestyle Divers are a team of passionate, highly qualified professional divers who are committed to promoting marine conservation, exemplary diving skills and personal safety in the marine environment. Our Fujairah diving center is a hub of beginner, intermediate and professional divers, all of whom are keen to welcome as many new enthusiasts into enjoying scuba diving in the UAE. Not only that, but there are also luxury diving resort in the area for people that are keen to stay.

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There is nothing more idyllic or inspirational than exploring reefs or wrecks in the richly populated waters of the Arab Emirates. This area is known for its gorgeous marine life and well-preserved ecosystems, and people come from all over the world to dive in places that are teeming with life and underwater phenomena. But, as well as awe-inspiring spectacles and interesting features, scuba diving in Fujairah can be hazardous, especially if you are not properly equipped or properly trained. Though it is a beautiful spot, diving in Fujairah requires careful planning, understanding the dive site in Fujairah, proper equipment, and a support team that really understands what they are doing. Whether it is your first trip out as a scuba diver or you have been on a few dives before, it is important that you invest in a diving course provider who has your safety in mind. Moreover, you want it to be an educational and fun experience, ensuring that you leave the area in a well-preserved state for others to enjoy.

Bringing Fujairah Diving to a Wider Audience

We believe that the world beneath the waves should be accessible to anyone who has the desire to see it. In the past few decades, diving instruction has come very far in how it helps those who previously might not have had access to enjoy the marine world. This is why within our courses, you will find:

  • A mature but enthusiastic approach to how technology can complement physical interaction with the marine environment. Just take a look at some of the online materials for our RAID courses, and you will be surprised at how much can be done online.
  • A passion for marine conservation and education. It is important that our understanding of marine ecology is led by science and those who have spent their lives researching it, but that does not mean that it should be accessible only to them.
  • Our marine biology and conservation courses and programs are designed to involve those who do not necessarily have a scientific background, and we have built family and corporate packages, as well as internships, into how we operate. These programs can offer a range of accessibility options, including online learning right away through to ecological dive trips in Fujairah.
  • A continuing commitment to marine safety. As beautiful as it is, the marine environment can be treacherous, and conditions can be changeable. We have built safety into a large proportion of our courses, whether it is about personal safety or methods of search and rescue that have gone on to save lives all over the world. Read Less

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If you’re not sure about the kind of course that you can take part in, get in contact now, and our dedicated customer service team will be able to point you in the right direction. Once you see your course, simply add it to your cart, process the payment, and get ready to see everything this extraordinary marine environment has to offer! We also offer ship wreck diving in Fujairah.

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