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Even after dozens of dives in all sorts of conditions, diving can be a strange physical experience. After all, our bodies simply aren’t optimized for the water. You must consider your buoyancy and control your weight very delicately, and you have to navigate in various currents while carrying an array of equipment. It’s an odd and challenging adventure for us land-based creatures, but certain equipment configurations can help you maximize your comfort and flexibility underwater.

The Ideal Sidemount Diving Course in the UAE

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Plenty of divers enjoy the classic single tank configuration, usually attached to their back. More advanced or technical divers must often adjust to a double tank configuration, which allows for longer and deeper dives. However, if you want to feel as flexible and unburdened as you can underwater, a sidemount configuration might be perfect for you! This equipment setup involves having a gas tank fastened to either side of your torso, which disperses weight far more evenly and streamlines you more for the water. There are certain challenges unique to sidemount configuration as with other equipment setups, so there are sidemount courses in UAE designed to guide students through the necessary safety measures and equipment setup. At Freestyle Divers, we offer several such courses to students who already have a basic open water certification. Our focus isn’t on being fast or cheap; we’re professionals, so we concentrate on being thorough, safe, and refined in technique, and we challenge all our students to meet that high standard. If you’re looking for reputable sidemount scuba diving courses in the UAE, you’ve just found them.

Go Further With Sidemount Scuba Training

Your sidemount diving certifications are your keys to spectacular diving sites in UAE and around the world. Diving operations expect to see prepared students who know the risks and techniques; they don’t want to risk admitting anyone who will endanger themselves or others. So, the more certified you are, the more places you can go!

On top of that, everything you’re taught in a diving course has a very real chance of becoming suddenly applicable. Every safety protocol is there because diving can be unpredictable, and it pays to be ready for anything. That’s why you must take your training seriously and absorb every lesson your instructors give you! You’ll enjoy yourself much more without the stress of feeling unsure or unprepared, and you’ll be at minimum risk of harm in any situation.

Sidemount is your first step to accessing dives in restricted spaces such as caves or inside wrecks, as well as providing a more comfortable approach for divers who suffer from back problems.

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With Sidemount Diving in the UAE, Safety Matters

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Almost every single danger in diving is totally avoidable with the right preparation, and that also involves readying your body for the experience. For instance, breathing from a regulator can often be a disorienting experience at first; humans are not designed to naturally spend extended time underwater and learning how to breathe correctly is essential to a comfortable dive with good buoyancy. Similarly, you’ll want to make sure you know what to do if you or someone else begins to panic, as panicking divers generally consume gas much faster and lose control of their movements.

The best divers are the ones who have learned what we call muscle memory, the ability to perform actions without having to consciously think about them, and our sidemount courses in UAE and Dubai take that to the next level

Lastly, experienced divers who undertake much greater depths have to carefully decompress at regular intervals when returning to the surface. That prevents nitrogen from remaining in the body’s blood and tissues, which can cause decompression sickness. If you’ve ever heard of “the bends,” it’s what happens when even veteran divers aren’t careful, and it can cause serious health complications. Decompression is only a concern in deeper, more technical dives, but it’s unexpected obstacles like these that you learn to watch out for!

Diving has some risks, but with the right training, they become very manageable and being prepared leaves you with just the fun and thrill! And we guarantee these sidemount diving courses, available in the UAE will maximize the fun for you. If you’d like to enroll, simply click on “Join the Course! Or if you’re interested in joining other courses like scientific diving course in UAE or even scuba diving courses for kids in UAE, we got you covered. If you have any questions regarding scuba diving in UAE, do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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