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We are passionate about conserving our local marine ecosystems and we welcome all the help we can get! We have designed specific education approaches for busy professionals who would like to contribute to marine conservation projects in UAE. We’ve also created some structured offerings for companies who would like to contribute time or sponsorship as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility program. We have a customizable approach that should allow both professionals and corporations to find a suitable approach that takes available time and budget into account.

Discover Unique Corporate Social Responsibility Programs in the UAE

Our marine conservation work is essential in the protection of coral reefs and the fight against climate change. Each member of our team here at Freestyle Divers has a great passion for our work and we always welcome help from external bodies such as corporate social responsibility companies in the UAE. We have something that suits every corporation and allows you to make a positive impact on our vital and vulnerable marine life and environment, from courses to sponsoring of reefs and coral nurseries. If you want to make a real difference, our marine conservation efforts are some of the best CSR initiatives in the UAE.

What Is A Corporate Social Responsibility Program?

CSR stands for corporate social responsibility program, which refers to any business practices that a corporation uses to join their own economic goals with environmental and social policies. This is a way for corporations to reduce the adverse impact they might have on the world, as well as to make positive changes with the resources at their disposal. These efforts can be stand-alone or part of larger programs, and they can take many different forms and contribute to a wide range of different causes. CSR programs can involve any aspect of your business and it has many positive benefits. Corporate social responsibility examples in the UAE can include:

  • Educating employees
  • Ensuring diversity in the workplace
  • Placing donations to charity organisations or sponsoring their projects
  • Contributing labour power and time to the work of charitable organisations

Corporate social responsibility programs have many benefits aside from the positive impact they can have on our environment, social conditions and other causes they can contribute to. They’re usually seen favourably by most employees in the corporation and have been found to decrease staff turnover. They also contribute to public perception of your corporation and can contribute to a good reputation and increased revenue.

CSR Initiatives in UAE: Exciting Ways in Which You Can Contribute

At Freestyle Divers, we are grateful for any contribution whether that be time or money. Our range of opportunities provides exciting ways in which you and your business can contribute to the protection of our coral reefs.

Educate Your Team

We believe that educating current and future generations is of great importance for the health and longevity of our environment. If time is the only thing your corporate can contribute, we will gladly accept. We have designed education courses that will suit even the busiest professionals, our marine conservation courses are accessible to all. Attend our classroom sessions or simply visit our online lectures with a weekend visit to our diving center in UAE. We have no limitations when it comes to our conservation work.

Sponsor a Reef

If you would like to make a significant change as part of your corporate social responsibility program, why not sponsor an articifial reef for our coral reef conservation program in the UAE? We offer the opportunity to fund our coral nurseries; a fantastic propagation project that sees the construction of artificial reefs in areas where natural reefs are degrading. As part of your contribution to this important cause, you will see a dedicated area of our coral nurseries grow, develop, and receive monthly statistics and photography showing your positive ocean contribution. A magical experience.

Why is Our Work Important?

Our coral reefs are essential in our oceans because of the ecological and economic benefits that they provide such as:

  • Income streams and livelihoods for millions of those in the tourism, fishing, hospitality, and other industries
  • Protection against the effects of natural disasters by reducing the energy of wave impacts in tsunamis, tropical storms and hurricanes
  • Medicine development against life-threatening diseases by using extracts from both plants and animals that reside in and around the coral reefs
  • Biodiversity in our oceans as the reefs are home to a large proportion of marine life
  • Food for those living in and around the coastal areas that surround our coral reefs

The work that we do here at Freestyle Divers breathes new life into our reefs, helps to reverse the devastating effects of climate change and also protects the reefs against future dangers. Of all corporate social responsibility initiatives in the UAE, we believe ours is amongst the most unique and exciting.

CSR Initiatives In UAE That Make A Difference

There are many CSR projects in the UAE you could choose to involve your corporation in, but there are a lot of reasons why you should choose to help the team at Freestyle Divers with our efforts for marine conservation. This is an extremely important field that we all need to do our part to help with. Our oceans are so important for our planet, including in many ways that we don’t even fully understand yet, but they’re suffering at the moment. A lot of this is because of human impact, so it’s our responsibility to reverse this and try to help marine life as much as possible. That’s what we do. At Freestyle Divers we also work hard to make corporate social responsibility an enjoyable and rewarding experience that is accessible to most corporations, which is why you have various ways that you can choose to help us.

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Choose Freestyle Divers as part of your corporate social responsibility program. With the opportunity to join our projects alongside, the possibilities are endless. Become a coral sponsor then help us to build, monitor, design and construct both coral nurseries and artificial reefs. What could be more exciting?

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Get Involved in Protecting our Local Reefs and Ocean!

Thank you Freestyle Divers and in particular their Marine Biologist James Campbell for the excellent course!👌🏻 Designing and building the structure, placing it on the bottom of the sea, collecting coral fragments and finally planting them on the nursery, it was all a very rewarding experience and let this be the first of many more to come! I can highly recommend engaging with Freestyle Divers if you want to contribute to the marine biodiversity and conservation around Dibba! #TeamEco

Jos Versteegen
Sales Manager

Full Hybrid Course for Professionals

For students who cannot commit to 5 classroom days to do the prerequisite Core Marine Conservation Course, we have developed a hybrid program with 5 online lectures followed by a weekend at the dive centre to do the in-water experience dives. The weekend would be two days with three dives per day. Outside of public holidays, we are usually able to get preferential rates from the Radisson Blue hotel for accommodation. The room rates will depend on the period of the year and we can confirm them upon booking for the course. The hybrid course is priced at 2500 AED. 

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Adopt a Reef

This program is for corporates that would like to create a lasting underwater testimony that demonstrates their commitment to a healthier ocean environment.

Creating an artificial reef provides shelter and habitats for a broad range of creatures as well as a platform to implant a new coral reef on our coastline. Coral reefs are the nurseries of the sea and are vital to the future wellbeing of our oceans.

Your corporate team can either create their own artificial reef design based on our construction guidelines or select an existing design from our catalogue.

We will construct it with your company name (or potentially your logo, depending on its complexity) integrated into the design. It will then be installed underwater in our artificial reef area at Dibba. Your corporate can then elect to add a Maintenance and Measurement program, which can be an annual or monthly contract, to ensure that the implanted coral is stays healthy and its progress is documented. The measurement of growth and positive ocean impact is published on a dedicated page on the Freestyle Divers website. Your corporate can link that page to your own website if you’d like to show a monthly update on your ecological contribution.

We can provide a variety of different sponsorship opportunities, as detailed below.

Diver measuring coral growth on a nursery table – ©Freestyle Divers LLC

Adopt a Coral Nursery

This program sponsors the creation of an 2.4m x 1.2m coral nursery table. The coral nursery is the basis for all the work we do to protect the local reefs. We collect broken coral fragments from the seafloor around the reef at Dibba Rock and then attach them to the nursery table. These fragments then grow on the table until we can transplant them onto an artificial reef or into a damaged area of the reef to help it return to health.

The sponsorship cost is 2,900 AED for creation and installation of the table and the table would be identified as sponsored with the corporate logo (see photo below).


The Maintenance and Measurement contract costs 3,250 AED per annum or 275 AED per month.

Adopt a Coral nursery now!

Fixing a logo plate to a coral nursery table ©Freestyle Divers LLC

Adopt an Artificial Reef

This program sponsors the creation of an artificial reef, which is a key part of our strategy to repopulate our local marine environment.

Coral reefs act as the breeding ground and nursery for many marine species and the habitat for many more. Coral requires a hard substrate in relatively shallow water to grow on, which would naturally be rocks. In the UAE, we have large expanses of sandy seafloor that has ideal depth, light and water conditions for coral growth but no rocks for the coral to attach to.

Installation of artificial reefs allows us to transform these sandy areas into populous reef ecosystems that can create and sustain a broad variety of species.

We build the structures from ocean-friendly materials and they can be a corporate design that conforms to our design guidelines or we can build a design from our catalogue. Either company names or logos can be incorporated depending on complexity.

We have created various sea creatures such as sharks, turtles, seahorses, whale sharks, octopuses and manta rays and offer four different sizes:

Large: this metal rebar structure is around 8m long and costs 10,000 AED. 

Medium Large Rectangle : this table style metal rebar structure is around 5m long and costs 5,500 AED. 

Medium Large Dome : this dome shaped metal rebar structure is around 4m diameter and costs 4,250 AED. 

Medium Rectangle: this metal rebar structure is around 4m long and costs 3,500 AED. 

Small: this metal-based structure is around 2m long and costs 2,500 AED. 

The Measurement and Maintenance contract costs 3,250 AED per annum or 275 AED per month.

adopt an artificial reef now!

Example of a medium sized (4m long) artificial reef. ©Freestyle Divers LLC

Concrete Artificial Reefs

We are also working on costings for smaller concrete and metal artificial reefs to offer a more budget friendly option. We will publish pictures and the costs for these new products shortly.

We have produced a series of prototypes in the shape of turtles, seahorses and stingrays (see photo example below). They are made of wire reinforced concrete with tile mosaic patterns embedded in them and we plan to offer them in a range of colours with corporate logos embedded.

Constructing a concrete artificial reef ©Freestyle Divers LLC

Adopt a Concrete artificial reef now!

Corporate Club Diving

If your company already has an active diving club in UAE or if you would like to offer a corporate rate to your employees for diving and marine conservation activities, contact us on for our special corporate pricing.