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Scuba diving in UAE, especially in the Gulf of Oman is a real treat for both beginner and experienced divers. The waters are often clear and temperate, and the ecology of the area is extraordinarily diverse and abundant. What’s more, many of the best dive sites in UAE remain relatively tourist-free, leaving diving enthusiasts to soak in the wonders of the area, including many varieties of exotic fish, reptiles, and even occasionally super fauna liking dolphins and whale sharks. But such sites are not easy to discover without aid.

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We established our scuba diving club in UAE so that people from across the world can enjoy the sights the area has to offer safely. Though the Gulf is a great place to dive throughout the year, conditions can be variable and, if you don’t know the area, currents can be strong, and hazards are not always obvious. Furthermore, the ecosystem here is delicate and finely balanced, and even professional divers who don’t know the area might end up doing irreparable damage if they are not careful.

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Our scuba club in UAE was created to promote marine conservation and train new divers to explore the sea safely and responsibly. We are owned and run by Darryl Owen, an ex-military diver who has been instrumental in promoting marine conservation and the creation of widely used training resources globally. At the heart of our business is a passion for ecology and building a better understanding in the diving community of what is safe and what is sustainable. Our catalog of courses is designed to accommodate divers of all physical abilities and proficiency. We know that everyone gets into diving for slightly different reasons and our courses reflect that. They include:
  • Classes and experiences that are designed to foster engagement with the fundamentals of marine biology and conservation. These can include internships and corporate or family packages. We can accommodate those with physical challenges and have had students as young as six years old.
  • Internationally recognized certifications such as PADI, GUE, UTD, IANTD and RAID diving in UAE, the latter of which includes courses written by our owner. Our range of certifications can accommodate first-time divers as well as advanced and professional divers who want to progress in their careers.
  • Safety courses for divers, designed to help with search and rescue, how to deal with an emergency underwater, how to minimize risks when on deep dives, and theory on why accidents and injuries occur.
  • Specialisms that can be used in career-specific roles such as ship wreck, marine photography, and videography, or marine biology-specific courses like fish identification and conservation.
  • Hands on marine conservation projects, including the creation of a large artificial reef, provide the opportunity to understand coral propagation and building new underwater ecosystems, while also monitoring and doing a scientific diving course in UAE. Read Less
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Any of these courses are available now for you to book. If you are ready to get involved in our UAE diving club, take a look through some of our courses or speak to one of our advisors to get an idea of what will work best for you. Then simply add the course to your basket and follow our simple checkout procedure, and we will look forward to greeting you at the center!

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