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Kids & Family

If your kids liked Nemo and Dory, they are going to love this! Microscopes, plankton, coral, snorkeling and tile painting. A super fun day out to learn about the ocean.



Tropical Marine Biology and Conservation Internships. You can customize your curriculum to focus on your areas of interest for as long as you want to stay at our Academy.


Corporate Social Responsibility Programs in UAE

For companies that would like to contribute to preserving our UAE coastlines, your teams can join us on our CSR program where they can help us rebuild our coral reef ecosystems.


Local Heroes

Love our oceans, be part of the change! For UAE residents who want to help but don’t have much time, we have created the perfect program to learn and get involved!


Get involved with our Marine Conservation activities! You will find everything you need at the Freestyle Divers Academy, including marine biology classes, laboratory facilities, coral nurseries, artificial reef creation and tailored marine conservation internship programs!
If you are curious about the ocean, marine life and how it all works, you can learn about our local ecosystem from our resident marine conservation team.
Moreover, you can also help us to protect it!
Our full curriculum of courses, workshops and internships provide something to suit everyone. You can get started with a weekend introduction or construct a personalized program that could go all the way up to a three month residential internship.
Certified divers will love our RAID Ecological Diver course, it’s a great way to get started! All you need to do is take the online academic course, then put your knowledge into practice during our one day in-water practical sessions. There is also a non-diver version of the course if you haven’t taken your Open Water course yet.
If you do want to learn to dive at the same time, we can construct a personalized program for you to gain experience in both scuba diving in UAE and marine conservation.
Are you already a student in marine conservation? In that case, we have everything you need to grow your understanding, as well as the opportunity to participate on practical scientific dive course in UAE and laboratory work.
While you are here we can help you perfect your diving skills with the best tec diving course in UAE! We have very experienced technical diving instructors on staff who will coach you on trim, buoyancy and propulsion to make your scientific dives effortless.
We would also welcome your active contribution to the health of our local marine ecosystem. We run ongoing projects for reef monitoring, building and monitoring coral nurseries as well as the design and construction of artificial reefs.

Want to Help with Marine Conservation in the UAE?

If you are looking for effective ocean conservation projects in the UAE, then you have come to the right place. Here at Freestyle Divers, we are proud of our marine conservation work and are always welcoming new people to join our project teams.
Protecting the ocean and our coral reefs is of high importance and our life-changing work helps to defend our marine ecosystem. If you would like to be a part of our journey, we offer marine biology and marine conservation classes, internships, project work, kids club and more! Your age and diving ability don’t matter to us, what matters is your willingness to learn and be a part of the change.

The Importance of Ocean Conservation Projects in the UAE

For too long, human impact on the oceans has been ignored; only in recent times have scientists truly understood the threat of human activities and the importance of the ocean and coral reefs. Our work helps to defend our oceans, slow the effects of climate change and protect our reefs for future generations to enjoy.
Coral reefs are an important part of the sea and our ocean conservation program in the UAE works to both protect and breathe new life into them. Reefs provide incredible benefits for human life including:

  • Protection against high impact waves during natural disasters such as tsunamis, tropical storms and hurricanes by reducing wave energy
  • Livelihoods and income streams for millions across various industries including fishing, hospitality, tourism and more
  • Life-changing medicine development through the extracts of both plants and animals that reside in and around the coral reefs
  • Food supplies for those living on or near to the coast from the millions of fish that call the reefs their home

Now more than ever, we need to give back to the ocean and help it the same way it has helped us. Marine life and coral reefs are under greater threat now than ever before, which makes the conservation efforts like ours extremely important. But we can’t do it alone. To protect our oceans, we need to all band together. If you want to help us protect the ocean in the UAE, we have plenty of ways you can do so through our marine conservation activities. From projects for children and online courses, to internships at the Marine Conservation Academy and personalized programs to teach you both UAE scuba diving and marine conservation, we have something that suits everyone.

Why Take An Online Marine Conservation Course?

So why should you be getting involved in marine life protection in UAE? We can barely tell you all the reasons why you should check out our marine conservation academy, but we’ll list just a few of them.

  • Marine conservation is incredibly important for so many aspects of our lives, including medicine, hospitality, our diets and more. Getting involved will allow you to contribute to a worthwhile cause and make a meaningful difference in a field that is so important. Every little helps, and your efforts could have a huge impact.
  • This is a really rewarding, exciting and fun hobby to have. Who doesn’t want to spend their time diving in the coral reefs or learning about marine life?
  • You’ll learn so much with the coral reef conservation program and become incredibly educated about our oceans. They make up 70% of our planet and yet we know so little about them. If you have a thirst for knowledge, taking one of our marine conservation courses online will definitely quench that craving to learn more about the world and the creatures we share this planet with.
  • We’ve built a strong and supportive community of people who love marine life here, and you can become part of that. Taking part in our marine conservation efforts offers a great opportunity to meet and form lifelong relationships with people who share similar interests and the same outlook on life as yourself.
  • At Freestyle Divers, the ways you can get involved are flexible and varied. No matter where your interests lie or what your experience is, you can become part of our marine conservation family. Whether you’re an experienced diver or have never dived before in your life, we’ll have a way to contribute that suits your skill levels and matches your expectations and interests.

Protect The Ocean: Exciting Ways That You Can Get Involved

If you want to get involved with our marine life protection in the UAE, we have a number of exciting opportunities.
Artificial Reef Propagation
Our fantastic artificial reefs are home to coral that we propagate in our coral nurseries before transplanting onto artificial reef structures in the UAE oceans. Our projects include building, monitoring, designing and constructing both the nurseries and the reef. These projects provide fantastic opportunities to take an active role in protecting our reefs.
Corporate Programs
We are always looking for new companies to sponsor our coral reef protection programs. Why not join our Corporate Social Responsibility program in UAE to fund the creation of your own nursery area? We provide a monthly scientific monitoring service that captures data on the reef’s colonization, and report it on a dedicated webpage for each of our sponsors so that they can measure the positive impact they are having on the UAE coastline.
Education Opportunities
Teaching existing and future generations about the significance of coral reefs is of high importance to us. From day trips to three-month internships, we always welcome new students. Treat the whole family to an exciting trip and learn about saving the reefs at the same time.
School Projects
We work with schools to provide education on marine conservation and coral reefs to children of all ages. This can be delivered face-to-face or via Zoom. We are also able to offer marine conservation school field trips to our center in Dibba Fujairah.
If you are a beginner in diving, why not speak to our team about how you can complete your certifications alongside your marine conservation work?

Get Started Today!

However you decide to contribute, we have you covered. Become a part of the UAE’s best marine conservation project by getting in touch today. Together, we can make a change.
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Become an Ecological Diver!

The diveRaid Ecological Diver course is a core module of our marine biology education system and we have both diving and non-diving options for this course. Click to find out more!

Become an Ecological Diver

Marine Conservation Internships

Every month we start a new marine conservation internship program. You can decide whether you would like to stay for a week, two weeks or a month (even longer customized programs are available on request). This is the perfect way to broaden your general understanding about marine biology or specialist knowledge about marine science.

Choose your Marine Conservation internship dates here

Help us protect our reef and coral ecosystems

Join our coral reef nursery, coral propagation and artificial reef projects to gain hands-on experience as well as the academic theory to help to protect and restore our reefs. We can expand this topic to provide a central thread for your marine conservation internship.

Become a coral propagator!

Marine conservation for kids!

If you want to get the kids off their iPads and doing something healthy and educational, we have some really fun programs for children. They will learn all about our marine ecosystem with some adapted marine biology education, collect plankton and analyze it in our lab, go diving or snorkeling then paint their experience on a tile that will become part of our artificial reef.This is the ideal way to get your children started with marine science activities.

Contact us for kids programs now!