Techreational Diver
3,675 Dhs

Started on 04/12/2022Minimum 3 days

Techreational Diver is the first part of Technical 1 and is an optional course to allow students to progress through the first level technical course at a slower pace than taking the full Technical 1 course. This entry level course familiarizes divers with the use of Helitrox 25/25 as a safe bottom breathing gas for use to depths of 130’/39m with a single decompression bottle containing 100% O2 for accelerated decompression.

Key Facts:

  • Prerequisites: Essentials of Tech or equivalent
  • minimum 3 days training
  • Successful completion of Techreational Diver qualifies a student to use a normoxic Helium mix of 25/25 and 100% Oxygen for decompression.
  • The limits for a UTD Techreational diver are 130’/39m and the use of one decompression bottle with 100% O2.
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