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If you’ve developed a taste for scuba diving in UAE and want to take your skillset and knowledge further, you’ve found the ideal advanced diving course in UAE for it with Freestyle Divers. PADI’s Advanced Open Water course in UAE improves upon the lessons you’ll have already learned in previous basic courses, refining your breath control, buoyancy, equipment understanding, and safety knowledge. By the end of the course, you’ll be ready to take on depths of up to 30 meters, and you’ll also have learned the fundamentals of several diver specializations that you get to choose yourself! In other words, alongside the essentials that everyone learns, you’ll be taking on dives in an area that you specifically are passionate about, and you’ll have an extremely experienced instructor there to guide you through it.

Be Safe and Prepared with a Reputable Advanced Diving Course in the UAE

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As you proceed through this advanced scuba diving certification in UAE, you’ll complete 5 open water dives, 3 of which will be in your specialization of choice. If you’re particularly fascinated by marine wildlife, why not choose a fish identification dive? You’ll learn the defining features and behavioral patterns of dozens of species native to the beautiful waters around the UAE, and you’ll deepen your understanding of how different species in an ecosystem interact. If your interest is more on the artistic side, you can also choose a dive that will take you through all the techniques required in underwater photography, allowing you to capture truly stunning moments with precision. If you dream of exploring ancient wrecks, you can choose this as one of your dives; if you care about perfecting your buoyancy, there’s a dive for that too! For those who like to live in the fast lane, why not try a dive with one of our DPV’s (underwater scooters) to add some excitement to your underwater experience? When you enroll in our courses, we make sure you get the most out of them.

Get Your Advanced Diving Certification With Freestyle Divers!

We at Freestyle Divers offer training according to the standards of several agencies such as RAID, HFiD. PADI, IANTD, and GUE course in UAE. All of these are widely recognized, and a certification in one or more of them will let officials at diving sites in the UAE and everywhere else in the world know that you’re savvy, prepared, and willing to learn whatever’s needed to stay safe on a dive. You can take these courses at plenty of other diving academies, it’s true, but you won’t receive nearly the same level of rigor and guidance that’s provided by our veteran instructors.

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Get Your Advanced Diving Certification With Freestyle Divers!

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If the UAE’s best advanced scuba courses sound good to you, we’re just a call, email, or enrolment away! You can enroll by clicking on “join the course,” or you can reach us at +971 50 891 8207 or for any enquiries regarding advanced scuba diving course in UAE.

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