Rental Equipment

We pride ourselves on having a broad range of rental equipment to suit all kinds of diving, for kids as well as adults.

Whatever you need, we probably have it already. If you need something very unusual, give us some advance notice and we will do our best to find a solution!

Whatever type of diving you enjoy, we have the equipment!

Our signature hashtag is #diveYOURstyle and we mean it!

We have tried to ensure that we have a broad range of rental equipment to meet everybody’s needs. At the most basic level, we have tanks for both DIN and INT (yoke) regulators – and we have a lot of them!

If you are a sidemount diver, you will need tanks with left and right handed valves that are long enough to wrap your bungee around. If you are a young person doing your first course, you might like a small, lighter tank. If you are planning a big dive, you might prefer twin manifolded tanks. Or maybe you’re a little heavy with your breathing and need a 15L tank. We have them all. 

Equipment makes my job easier, but it doesn’t affect my style.

Michael seresin

If you prefer a classic jacket style BCD, we have all sizes from children to adult. If you’d like to try a backplate and wing, we have several models to choose from. Sidemount? We have several different sidemount systems for rent, as well as all the equipment for you to rig your tanks. 

We have classic recreational regulator setups as well as longhose regulator systems, without forgetting the sidemount regs!

Want to try technical style fins? We have those, plus various styles of recreational fins. 

Need a computer or a lamp? No problem, we have nitrox and trimix computers as well as torch style and technical canister style lights.

Did we mention we have lots of scooters (DPVs)? There’s nothing like an exploration day with a scooter.

While we are talking about shiny toys, we can support CCR divers with tanks and consumables such as sofnolime and sterilizing agent. 

We also have all those important little things you forget at home, like SMBs, weight pouches and clips. 

Whatever you need, we probably have it. And if it’s something really unusual and you give us a little time, we will try to organize it for you. 

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