Gas Fills

We are set up to provide safe and clean breathing gases to both our recreational and technical diving customers.

We have several filling stations that can deliver hyper clean air as well as Nitrox and Trimix gases.

We can deliver all gases in our rental single tanks, deco tanks, sidemount tanks or manifolded twinsets or we can fill your own tanks as long as they are oxygen clean and within inspection and hydro test limits.

We normally need tanks to be delivered to us a minimum of two days prior to the dive if you need personal tanks to be filled with gas mixes other than air,

If you need to order Trimix or Nitrox mixes richer than 40% using our rental tanks, please let us know three days before the dive.

We fill all the standard technical diving Trimix gases, including 25/25, 21/35, 18/45, 15/55, 12/60 and 10/70, as well as all the standard Nitrox mixes of 32%, 50% and 100%.

We can also blend both Nitrox and Trimix for specific “best gas” requests.


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