Group Expeditions

Most divers love to travel to visit new and exciting destinations. We are no different and when we are able, we love to explore the world. Especially when there are wrecks involved!

We love organizing expeditions of all kinds! We have in-house expertise and some real motivation to take our divers all over the world for amazing experiences. There is nothing better than ‘getting away from it all’ to discover more of our beautiful underwater world.

We have plans to visit the Sardine Run in 2021, we would like to visit Truk Lagoon (the wreck diver’s paradise) as well as other destinations such as HMS Hermes, the first purpose built aircraft carrier that sank in Sri Lankan waters, the Norwegian fjords and photographic expeditions to Indonesia.

We also have some plans for more off-beat destinations, we will announce these and the other trips as soon as we have dates and prices confirmed.

More on this topic to come, keep your eyes on our news feeds!

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