RAID Explorer 30


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The RAID Explorer 30 course is an exciting, fun programme designed to increase your skills andunderstanding of the important core areas of diving. This course is largely practical so you have moretime to enjoy your journey and practice the skills your Instructor will teach you. The course will take you on 5 different dives so you expand on the knowledge and skills learned during your Open Water course.
This speciality can be run for any certified diver who has the equivalent of RAID Open Water 20.

Gain the basic skills to dive in a range of different environments or dive sites.
Gain a higher level of buoyancy skills.
Understand the principles of underwater navigation.
Understand the procedures for planning on deep dives.
Experience elective dives based on your local environment/ interests.

To be a minimum of 15 years old.Certified RAID Open Water 20 or equivalent.Complete the RAID registration procedures on

NOTE: Training is divided into two sections. Academic or Theoretical, which is provided for in the course manuals / materials provided online.


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