RAID Performance Diver
1700 Dhs

Started on 29/01/20232 days

Do you want to take a big step up in your diving skills? Want to move to the next level?

The RAID Performance Diver course is designed for you.

We will look at every aspect of the way you dive and help you become a better diver in almost any situation. We’ll make you more comfortable with your equipment, we get you perfectly weighted, we’ll sort you breathing and buoyancy and get you diving in perfect trim.

Once we’ve finished that, we’ll teach you all the dive-ninja level propulsion techniques, kicking both forwards, backwards and helicopter turns to change direction.

Then we’ll get you busy learning how to lay line, deal efficiently with emergencies as well as teaching you how to deal with task loading so that you can maintain your situational awareness at all times.

This course will help prepare you for other training paths such as the technical diving programs, but we promise that whatever level you are at now and however well you dive, we’ll help you improve it.

If you’re a relatively new diver, you would get immense value from the Performance Diver course as we help you to perfect every aspect of your diving skills and we’ll help you move from good to great!.

This course may be completed using modified recreational equipment (by adding a long hose regulator configuration), sidemount, twinset or rebreather. The program may be completed in a pool, confined water or open water. 

  • Minimum 15 years old with parent/guardian approval.
  • Minimum 18 years old when training using a rebreather.
  • Minimum pre-requisite certification is RAID Open Water 20 or equivalent.
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