We live for exploration!

Whether it’s searching for tiny critters or a new wreck, every dive is a voyage of discovery!

We set up Freestyle Divers Academy with discovery at the heart of everything we do. Our broad range of education classes help to prepare our divers with the skills they need, from research through to execution of complex projects. We have added the science based education programs for marine biology and marine archeology. Our photography and videography teams are all set to document our discoveries. We have invested in the specialized equipment required for exploration, including sidescan sonars, Remote Operated Vehicles (underwater drones), technical DPVs (scooters), as well as all the diving equipment and mixed gases that are required for the serious explorer. Last but not least, we offer training and coaching in Human Factors to help exploration teams deliver consistently high performance while managing the risks of each project.

We love rust!


Marine and Darryl are mad about wrecks. We love researching them, finding them, diving them and documenting them. When we have the opportunity, we also love creating them!

Like a shipwreck or a jetty, almost anything that forms a structure in the ocean, whether it is natural or artificial over time, collects life.


Our goal is to extend our team of wreck hunters to discover as much as we can about the rich maritime history and heritage of the UAE and Oman coastline. There are roles for every level of diver, as well as research opportunities for non-divers. If this is something that interests you, click on the button below to sign up!

We also love reefs!

Finding a new reef or dive site is always a huge buzz, discovering all it’s hidden treasures and the creatures that make it their home. We regularly go hunting for new places to dive and have found some real gems. 

Our particular focus is on the Musandam coastline, all the way up the East coast to the Northern area. This wild, largely unexplored region has huge opportunity for new discoveries and it just keeps on giving. We have boats running from Dibba Oman as well as from Khasab, if you would like to be part of our exploration efforts, join up below!

Wild, Wild Musandam!

Musandam is a beautiful and largely unexplored area with a character all of its own. Pristine reefs, pelagic and sometime fierce currents all make for an exciting trip!

Most divers who have visited have dived a few sites during dhow trips or speedboat visits up the East coast, however here are many little known sites as well as potential new exploration targets, both on the East coast as well as the North. 

Freestyle Divers is the only operator with a base in the North at the Atana Musandam Hotel in Khasab and our intention is to use our boats on both coasts to explore and map the peninsular. 

Neil Murphy, a highly experienced Musandam veteran, is on the team. He has spent years exploring the Musandam waters and has intimate knowledge of its underwater secrets.

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