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Our photo and video team is comprised of accomplished photographers and videographers who have a passion for capturing the wonders of our underwater world. We believe that learning how to use your camera is only the first step in the journey. The real fun starts when you can participate in projects to document the underwater environment, gaining experience from the team and sharing images with a broad community.

Our goal is to create a photo and video community who can help us educate non-divers about our rich diversity of marine life and underwater wrecks, through a panorama of beautiful images that will set their hearts racing.

I’m a beginner, what can I learn?

Firstly, our experts can help you select which camera would suit you best, taking into account your personal objectives.

Once you have made your choice, the instructors will give you a solid grounding in how to use your camera and lighting to best effect underwater. If you need to tune up your buoyancy skills so that you can effortlessly hover to get that perfect shot, we can help with specific coaching sessions to get you comfortable.

You can learn about macro photography to get images of all those beautiful tiny critters on our reefs, as well as wide angle photography to get that perfect image of your dive buddies or of a wreck.

As your skill grows, you can start to learn about how to process your images to improve color balance, contrast and framing and generally ‘clean up’ your images using the most popular pots-processing tools on the market

The key to underwater photography is mixing light: ambient and strobe. Mixing it the way you want. This is art.
Kurt Amsler

I’m already a confident photographer, what’s in it for me?

If you’re already fairly confident taking pictures or making video underwater, we can offer specific coaching sessions for more advanced techniques if you feel you need them.

We also organize team projects.

Our team projects are focused on two different areas. The first is to provide you the opportunity to experience new techniques. These include black water photography and photogrammetry. The second is to work as a team to build a visual documentary of a dive site. It might be building a visual census of marine life on a reef, or documenting a wreck.

We can also provide the opportunity to learn how to use a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) to explore and video underwater sites by piloting an underwater drone and capturing images from the boat.

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