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Ocean Explorer Day

Let’s get the kids off their iPads and doing something healthy and super fun! From 6 years old, they can spend an Ocean Explorer day with our marine conservation team to learn how the marine ecosystem works and what we can do to keep it healthy. 

They’ll get some fun classroom time in the morning to learn age appropriate basics, then it’s all go with non-stop practical activities!

They’ll collect samples of sand and plankton to analyze under the microscope in our lab. If they are swimmers they’ll get a 5 minute boat ride to our local marine protected area at Dibba Rock where they can snorkel and check out the marine life. Our marine biologists are in the water to show them where to search and then explain what they are looking at. They usually get to see turtles, sharks and a ton of other cool critters, as well as stunning coral reefs. 

After drying off, our intrepid explorers return to the lab where they can paint what they have seen onto ceramic tiles. These get baked hard and installed onto our artificial reefs to leave your child’s signature in the sea for posterity!

We do a lot of work with children and you can rest assured that they will finish the day full of smiles and bursting with stories to tell. If Mum and Dad would like to join, we can make it into a family experience!

The day costs 525 Dhs for swimmers and 350 Dhs for non-swimmers and the children will receive an Ocean Explorer certificate. 

School Activities

We organize customized trips and online webinars for schools that would like to educate their students about the ocean, or get them actively working on marine conservation projects.

We can cater for ages 6-16 for online learning sessions and ages 7-16 for day trips to our Radisson Blu facility in Dibba Fujairah. Online sessions are delivered using age appropriate materials, so it’s best to group student attendees into age brackets for the best learning experience.

Group sizes will depend on age and types of activity, we can provide suggestions for the best way to organize the day.

Dubai 92 Cares has teamed up with Freestyle Divers

Our joint goal is to educate, care for and protect our local marine life and corals. 

We are teaming up with UAE schools to create new artificial reef structures that will help us repopulate the marine ecosystems for years to come!

Sign your school up to protect our ocean!

Freestyle Divers has teamed up with Dubai 92 Cares to get children actively participating in marine conservation projects. We are looking for schools to join up and help us protect the UAE coral reefs.

Large Scale Children's Events

We can organize large events for schools, associations and clubs, click below to see an example of an event for 300+ children over two days.
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  • by Zoe
    Posted 14/02/2022 22:10 0Likes

    Hi There

    I called earlier today about 3/4 children partaking in the ocean explorer day. all three children are 5y/o and a couple are not the strongest swimmers and one cant swim with out a device at all. Is there still the option for them to partake with out doing the snorkelling? And for the children that would like to join is there any extra charge for the parents to join?




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