This is your opportunity to experience the life of a marine biologist, learn what they know and provide yourself with the tools and knowledge to enter the world of marine conservation. It might be purely for self improvement, or as a step towards a career in marine conservation as part of your university education. Freestyle Divers Academy provides you the perfect opportunity to blend diving with marine conservation, developing both skill sets collaboratively.

Project leader

James Campbell, our resident marine biologist, has worked all over the world educating people of all ages and levels on the importance of the oceans and what we can do to ensure that we and our children’s children will have them for years to come.


To help shape and mould the marine biologists of tomorrow, provide them with the practical skills and knowledge to go out and make a positive difference to our marine ecosystems, as well as develop their careers and passion for the underwater environment.

Project roles 

There are three roles within the internship program, each is important to its success. These are listed below together with the training prerequisites and the opportunity to sign on to the internship program. If you have not yet reached the training level required for a role, contact us and we will build a plan to get you there.

Diving Role

Marine Biology Intern

The internships can be from 2 - 8 weeks long and can be tied in with multiple other courses during your stay. This is a very adaptable course with a modular structure so if you are interested please contact us for a tailored program to meet your needs and interests.

Diving Role

Ecological Divemaster

Minimum 4 week internship combining either the RAID or PADI Divemaster course, with the advanced ecological diver role.

Pre-requisites: Minimum Rescue diver with EFR, plus Peak Performance Buoyancy for the PADI Divemaster qualification.

Contact us for your tailored program.

Diving Instructional Role

Ecological Instructor

Minimum 4 week internship combining the RAID Open Water Instructor course with the advanced ecological diver role.

Pre-requisites: Minimum Divemaster qualification with First Aid or EFR.

Contact us for your tailored program.

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