Press Release November 17th 2020

Freestyle Divers becomes the first official GUE Dive Center in the Middle East

Following a long period of informal collaboration between the GUE instructors and HQ staff based in the UAE, Freestyle Divers became an official GUE Dive Center in September this year. 

We had already set up an environmental monitoring program at Dibba Rock under the GUE Project Baseline program and had been working with several local GUE instructors to provide the infrastructure and logistics for their courses, including GUE Fundamentals, GUE Documentation Diver, GUE DPV Diver, GUE Doubles Primer and others. 

Freestyle Divers and GUE members are already working on other projects including a scientific blackwater photography project, creation of a new wreck site for DPV and technical dive training, as well as the extension of our existing Project Baseline program.

GUE Dive Centers promote GUE’s broad global mission in support of aquatic education, conservation, and exploration. These facilities are selected for the high quality they deliver to customers and ensure support for local GUE diving activities. Visiting a GUE Dive Center provides assurance that GUE’s high standards are met while also making it easy to receive support with a variety of important standard practices.

The high level of standardization found within GUE diving is particularly useful when working with GUE Dive Centers. These facilities are selected for the high quality they deliver to customers and ensure support for all GUE diving needs.

GUE Dive Centers are also a critical link in the development and maintenance of local communities. These communities are the engine that powers GUE’s founding principles and are also entirely unique to being part of GUE. No other aquatic organization offers such a vast and supportive global network or the resulting opportunities to be part of wide-ranging international projects. Whether joining conservation initiatives like GUE’s Project Baseline, partaking in one of many exploration projects run by GUE divers, or just enjoying a range of social experiences, the GUE community offers purpose, challenge and personal enrichment.

Freestyle Divers is committed to deliver the infrastructure that GUE divers need as well as hosting community gatherings and offering goal-oriented projects that contribute to the core values of GUE: Education, Conservation and Exploration. 

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ABOUT Freestyle Divers

Freestyle Divers was among the first dive centers in the UAE and has grown into an organization focused on high quality education, exploration, science, photography and videography. The education and scientific activities offer access to a variety of training programs including GUE, RAID, PADI and UTD, as well as the Human Factors in Diving programs and extensive marine biology and marine conservation programs. Freestyle Divers operates in the UAE and Oman. More information is available at

ABOUT Global Underwater Explorers

Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the exploration and conservation of the underwater world. Over the past 15 years they have trained and organized some of the world’s most capable and accomplished divers into a global network of teams that are regularly exploring all manner of underwater environments including deep reefs, caves, mountain lakes, and lost ship wrecks. In 2009, GUE established Project Baseline, focusing their global teams upon the task of documenting baseline environmental conditions around the world. More information is available at and

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