Darryl Owen

Owner, Instructor Trainer and Examiner

Brief info

Darryl is the owner of Freestyle Divers and is passionate about building a different kind of diving experience for our customers. The foundation of what we do is high quality education, we believe there is a big difference between 'selling a certification card' and truly helping our students with mastery of skills. We believe in exploration and discovery, the thrill of finding something nobody else has yet seen. We believe in protecting our fragile underwater ecosystem. For all these reasons, Darryl founded the idea of the Freestyle Divers Academy, a centre of learning where divers can develop high quality skills, then learn to enjoy exploration, marine science, photography and videography through our ongoing series of projects.
Darryl is an Instructor Trainer for RAID, and Examiner for RAID, a Technical Diving Instructor for UTD, a PADI MSDT, an EFR instructor and an Instructor of Human Factors in Diving. He has accumulated 4000+ dives on open circuit and CCR across the world, dives caves, makes deep hypoxic trimix dives and is passionate about everything related to wrecks.

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