The youth are our future and it will be our children who will be around to see the effects of climate change. Education is a key aspect of conservation and by increasing awareness we can add to the pool of humans who want to make a change for the better. This camp will not transform your kids into an instant scientist but it will be a fun, hands-on activity that will hopefully spark an early interest in our underwater environment! We have camps available for two age groups: 7-11 years old which will offer snorkeling and 12-18 years old which will offer scuba diving.


Provide a fun filled day of activities in a safe and controlled setting with professional supervision, hopefully triggering a life long passion for the oceans 

Project Leader

Our resident Marine Biologist, James Campbell, has designed a specific curriculum and course materials for the kids camp, based on his experience of teaching younger students in various global settings.

Snorkeling and Diving

Ocean Eco-Warrior

The kids camp is an opportunity to spend a day learning all about the oceans on our planet, with a focus on our local ecosystem.
Each participant will learn a bunch of fun facts about the world's oceans and will either snorkel or dive on Dibba Rock, the oldest marine protected area in the UAE.

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  • by Marta Madrid
    Posted 11/06/2023 16:50 0Likes

    Hello, do you have any program for this summer for a girl of 12 years old ? Please let me know. Thanks 🙏

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