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Experience the Best Diving Sites
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in the UAE and Musandam
We organize group and individual diving trips

We offer scuba diving on the UAE’s North and East Coast as well as Dibba Musandam and Khasab with dive sites from a few meters deep to the U-Boat at 110 meters.

We teach Technical and Recreational Diving

Choose your Level: Learn, Improve, Technical, Teach Diving

Wreck hunting and search for new dive sites

Looking for adventure? Interested in discovering never seen before wrecks?

Join us for our wreck hunting program! There is something for everyone


At Freestyle Divers, we want you to Dive YOUR style. From single tank recreational setups to twinsets, side-mount diving, closed circuit rebreathers,  scooters, air or mixed gas, wet suit or dry suit, photography and video, or even Free-diving. We support them all and we will make every effort to deliver what you need, when you need it.

With your favourite dive team or with your kids, for the day or for a week, to check out a reef, document a wreck or join our marine ecology program. Whatever your motivation for diving is, we believe every diver is unique and welcome at Freestyle Divers.

Our experience and equipment allows us to create a perfect blend of fun and safety!

Freestyle Divers is dedicated to providing a different experience to divers in the UAE.
Whatever your style of diving, we are here for you !
Check Our Diving Trips and Courses

Whether you are looking for a cooling reef dive in the middle of summer, a day out diving and snorkeling with the kids, a place to take your time testing out your favourite macro lense or a hardcore deep trimix dive onto a wreck or the reefs in Musandam, let us know and we will make it happen.

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Make Your
Dream Happen

Ever had a diving related dream trip that you never got around to doing? Whether it’s a trip overseas, jumping out of a helicopter to dive a wreck or designing a personalised training program to help you realise your dream dive, talk to us and we’ll help you make it happen.