In this episode, I caught up with former Valley High/USC star Antuan Simmons to discuss his playing days in Sacramento and his time being a Trojan! He discusses not playing until his sophomore year of high school and having to go the JUCO route due to not being a qualifier. For more information, please see our 75 | Interview with 2 time Delta League MVP and state champion Ameere Britton!!! The trust readers give us is key. Four star shooting guard and UCLA commit Will McClendon(who is currently ranked #55 in the ESPN 100 for the 2021 class) joined me to discuss his journey that started in Sacramento and has him currently in Las Vegas playing for powerhouse Bishop Gorman! Search over 700 My good friend David Bitanga comes by to discuss the end of season NBA awards! The TV will reboot (turn on and off) twice. Studios. He is an example of someone whose business has flourish during these times while most have suffered because of COVID. His story is one of someone that truly made it from the mud and became a self made serial entrepreneur! Seneca Wallace joined me to discuss his journey to the NFL that started with humble beginnings in Rancho Cordova where he played football, soccer and basketball growing up. @strayhand {{ userNotificationState.getAlertCount('bell') }}. He aprendido muchisimo estos 2 aos sobre tenis y cosas de la vida. Our cofounders, Chris Chase and Drew Whitcomb, started WearTesters in 2011 because they couldnt find accurate and informative shoe reviews online. From there, he transitioned into a career in Real Estate while still developing his game. 22 | Interview with Real Deal In The Rock Founder and Joe Johnson Arkansas Hawks Coach Bill Ingram!! This is the first official episode!! We then talk about how he got into coaching and discuss his journey that brought him back to his old high school and college as a coach! When you make purchases using links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. I dont want people to know what my day job is. Performance Review. Tune in to hear his incredible story! Chris Chase aka Nightwing2303 Talks About His Origin Story - #11FULL EPISODE: 67 | Interview with hoop legend Schea Cotton!!! He went from being a high school star, to starting off as a walk on in college to becoming the 5th pick overall in the PBA draft! San Jose State commit Myron Amey joined me to discuss his amazing journey to D1 basketball! You will also get to hear how he became a pro skills trainer, how he founded Game Speed Hoops, and what his vision is for the future! The K1X Anti Gravity was built to withstand the demands of outdoor hoops, and in that department, they excel. I can now cross that off my bucket list. Get ready for a phenomenal episode! Then after a great stint as an assistant, he was able to go back to CRC and become the Head Coach of the basketball program! Chris Chase was born on January 12, 1924 (age 89) in New York City, New York, United States. 36 | Interview with USC Center and former Pleasant Grove/Sheldon standout Joshua Morgan!!! Former Cal DB Harold Pearson discusses his journey to D1 which wasnt full of instant success as most may think. The Marketino(Digital Marketing Agency) and Philo Of One Founder Daniela Adamo joined me to discuss her entrepreneurial journey that led her to 2 fields that she hadnt had previous experience in and how she leveraged them to get her out of her successful but unsatisfying corporate career! 26 | Interview with former overseas player and current Cosumnes River Head Coach Jonathan James!!! Also find out about all of the phenomenal ventures hes been working during his post career! You will also hear about this past roller coaster season due to covid and his vision for the Sac State program moving forward! Get ready to hear some STRAYT TALK from Mr. GGT himself! Llevo 2 aos viendo tus videos y me gusta mucho todas las rezeas que haces con mucha dedicacion y gusto. @strayhand Show The Basketball Strong Podcast, Ep Chris Chase: Living in a Truck Bed Camper, Finding Quarters for Food, and Being Brutally Honest about the Best and Worst Basketball Shoes on Weartesters - Apr 12, 2022 . This is just the beginning so it will definitely only get better. and our He is currently a four star recruit who just started his senior year at Bishop ODowd, one of the top basketball programs in California! I think youre a little off base with your negative comments about the NBA. Listen in on his incredible journey as he prepares for his senior season of college and a professional basketball career after! If you dont like the product and return it to the retailer, our commission zeroes out. Rame Batta joins me to discuss his unique basketball journey that included him playing at 2 JUCOs before after taking a year off after high school before transferring to Sac State to finish out his collegiate career. Zach Chappell joined me to discuss his basketball journey that included a stellar High School career at Capital Christian as well as playing his first 2 years at San Jose State before transferring back home to Sac State! He also talks about his new found passion for skateboarding! 27 | Interview with former Seattle Seahawks QB and RC/SCC/Iowa State Hall Of Famer Seneca Wallace!!!, Over 50 & Flourishing with Dominique Sachse. Chris joined me to discuss how WearTesters came about and how he was able to build the brand! Lorenzo Jackson joined me to discuss the process of creating the Elk Grove Royals, the AAU organization he is the Founder and Director of! Great talk with a consummate professional on and off the field! 39 | Interview with Elk Grove Royals Director and Founder Lorenzo Jackson!!! 73 | Interview with Indiana freshman phenom LB Kaiden Turner!!! Today, WearTesters is the #1 shoes, athletics apparel, and sporting goods review site. . This article will clarify Chris Chase's Frankfurt Kurnit, Hair, Salon, Kirkland, Usrowing, Death, Weartesters, Salon Prices, Rowing, Atlantic, Actress, Memphis Grizzlies, Nyc, Obituary lesser-known facts, and other . When she isnt putting in the miles, shes running things behind the scenes here at WearTesters. 2 time Delta League MVP and state champion Ameere Britton joined me to discuss his backstory, hoop journey, the work ethic it took to be successful, and the epic state title run this past season! 31 | Interview with UC Riverside Assistant Coach and former Saint Marys guard Wayne Hunter!!! best moisturizer for dry acne prone skin dermatologist recommended; john lester johnson as bumbo the wild man from borneo; paysafe group reviews; official apple facebook; what does cash on hand mean in toast? He also shares his thoughts on the AAU, the G-League, and college basketball! 30 | Interview with top player development specialist and former overseas pro Rashid Shine Cann!!! free lookups / month. He tells his story which started with humble beginnings and also resilience as he fought to make his Norfolk State college basketball team as a walk on and eventually became a starter! If you like basketball, shoes, and movies, then were basically friends. You will hear about the early days of Hardwood, the day by day operations, his thoughts on AAU today, the many times he went all in on the business and much more! This byline is mine, but I want my name removed. Chris Chase, better known as Nightwing2303 from joins the show to talk about his journey, his favorite sneakers and so much more. Get ready for some Strayt Talk and make sure to listen in to this episode! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: Subscribe to WearTesters YouTube Channel: you want to surprise your significant other or your mom with something they will love on Valentine's Day, @blowmeaway916 provides Blowouts, makeup and much more! The Strayt Talk With Strayhand Podcast is available on all major . Chris Chase: Living in a Truck Bed Camper, Finding Quarters for Food, and Being Brutally Honest about the Best and Worst Basketball Shoes on Weartesters. Best Basketball Sneakers for Players with Flat Feet, Best Basketball Shoes for Shooting Guards, AND1: The Best Shoes of a Legendary Brand, New Balance Cushioning: FuelCell vs Fresh Foam, Best Fitness Gifts 2022: A Complete Guide, Best Gifts for Athletes 2022: An Ultimate Guide, Best Gifts for Runners 2022: A Complete Guide, Best Basketball Gifts 2022: A Complete Guide. Got to spend some time with former MLB All Star Greg Vaughn discussing his journey to becoming a professional baseball player. We also give a shoutout to Chris's wife Jodi (aka "Mrs. Wing"), and the role she plays behind the camera, and how they were able to turn Weartesters into a truly family-owned business. 53 | Interview w/ Kevin Berthia, mental health advocate and Founder of the Kevin Berthia Foundation! He didnt hold anything back and delivered Strayt Talk from the keys to his success to the disappointments including how his senior year ended! . When you make purchases using links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. He also talks about how GGT(God.Given.Talent) Basketball was created and an inside look at whats all involved with his success as a player development specialist. He loves all things gear. cl2 + kbr observation. Get your sneaker game up this week as Lou and Yag talk to the creator of Lou's new favorite sneaker channel on YouTube, Chris "Nightwing" Chase. Im an occasional sneakerhead (when the silhouette is right) and an eBay fanatic since 2004. This is a episode that every player, parent and coach should listen to and share! Tune in to an amazing episode! North Carolina native. One of the things I got into writing for, writing for sneaker websites, was to at some point interview this man. The 31st ranked LB by ESPN in the 2022 class and Indiana phenom Kaiden Turner joined me to discuss his football journey! 06 | Interview with former professional overseas basketball player and current trainer Nate Garth! He is dedicated to helping all future ball players maximize their talents on and off the court! Hear about the success principles he used to have massive success and how you can utilize those same ones in your life! This hurt but paled in comparison to the other challenges Chris faced daily in a single-parent home where times were tough, dinner was often pasta and ketchup, and substance abuse sometimes forced him to live with relatives. Schea Cotton joins me to discuss The Manchild Grassroots Tour which includes a stop here in Sacramento this Sunday! She also talks about the adventure she shared with her son living in China for a year, how her strong faith and spirituality played a big part in each of her business moves, how each business came about and how she has grown her business. soy un gran fan de Mexico y no se si me entiendan. You will also hear about the special section title run, the amazing support he was blessed to receive along the way(from family, Grant Coaches, and the Compton Magic), the mindset and work ethic it took to accomplish his goals and much more. Once his playing days were done, he was able to have success with many projects including his work with the Sacramento Kings as the lead trainer and head of operations for their Jr NBA youth program which ultimately led to him receiving the Community IMPACT award. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. If a purchase is made using our links, our work is sometimes (but not always) supported with affiliate commissions from retailers. The detailed review and testing process used by our veteran team of weartesters is designed to provide recommendations and insights that Find contact details for 700 million professionals. Occasional contributor at WearTesters, because who doesnt love trying out new shoes and gear?? Top player development specialist Rashid Shine Cann joined me to discuss everything ranging from adapting to a crazy 2020, the keys to his training success, how he has helped developed a plethora of D1 players(pros as well) and much more! He talks about entrepreneurship, love for sports, sneakers, and what motivates him. Before becoming a skills trainer, he leveraged a successful high school and college playing career to play professionally overseas. 24 | Interview with former Memphis guard and overseas pro Roburt Sallie!!! 51 | Interview with former Sac State standout and Folsom Lake College Assistant Coach Rickie Glenn!! If you buy products using links on our site we may earn a commission. During his high school years, he played for the Oakland Soldiers and played alongside NBA superstar LeBron James as well as former NBA vet Leon Powe. Im an Atlanta native who primarily runs (mid-pack, on a good day) as an excuse to buy shoes and keep a fresh rotation. I really wished he would have answered where he works I cant be the only one thinking this dude makes some serious money lol. Thanks Crhis. HEIGHT: 5'9" WEIGHT: 209 HAND: 10" ARM: 31" WINGSPAN: TBD 40-YARD . Dont miss this episode!!! Seals Drills owner and former Valley High/Seattle University standout Bernard Seals joined me to discuss his hoop journey, his current role as a player development specialists with his Seals Drills company, and much more! Ashley is a RRCA- and UESCA-certified running coach. Currently, he is one of the most sought after player development specialist who is working with top tier D1 players. WearTesters Location 9401 Knight Rd, Houston, Texas, 77045, United States Description Read More Industry Apparel & Accessories Retail Retail Discover more about WearTesters Lastly, she shares some amazing news and plans on her latest launch! Fascinated by action figures and comic books at first, Chris soon became captivated by kicks and was eventually gifted a pair of iconic Air Jordan XIs by a half-brother he never knew he had until his mid-teens. Elishja Duplechan discusses his basketball journey that has included many unexpected stops as well as many highs and lows! In honor of May the 4th (Star Wars day), to you folks, I present Nightwing2303. WearTesters is the world's #1 sneaker review website. You will hear how hes been able to navigate his last 2 years of college and how his first professional offer(overseas) came about! Schea dropped some powerful gems on this episode, make sure to listen in! Josh Meek discusses how he started his first business at the age of 15 and now has created multiple successful business at the young age of 29!!! He discusses his first single and being able to perform in SF and locally at Harlows, as well as the EP hes dropping on Valentines Day. Copyright 2023 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Gracias por seguir haciendo lo que ahora se ha convertido en mi en una pasion. Former Sheldon High standout and Long Beach State guard Drew Cobb joined me to talk about his senior season and was my guest for todays Strayt Talk Session! She also discusses what resources she utilized to help create her business plan, the type of venues she does, as well as the ups and downs of her entrepreneurial venture. Also get to hear about his recruitment, his time so far while at U of A, his goals for college and future goals of being a big time MLB player! He recently narrowed his schools down to Cal, Stanford, Cincinnati, and UCSB and has set October 8th as his commitment date. No stars in the West? He shares the experiences hes been able to have with some of his top players that hes helped play at an elite level! 65 | Strayt Talk Sessions #1 with Lorenzo Jackson. From there, he was able to utilize his network and hard work to get an opportunity to play overseas. He also shares why he chose UCLA amongst all the school that recruited him, how hes used his time during the pandemic, the impact playing for a powerhouse like Bishop Gorman has had on his career and much more! Director of A/V & Broadcast for the Sacramento Kings Brian Hilton joined me to discuss his journey with the team as he wraps up his 15th season! Listen on how he turned WearTesters into the top sneaker reviews YouTube channel and how he has been able to turn it into a full time family business! Topics discussed on this Strayt Talk session include the transfer portal, going the juco route, AAU(circuit ball specifically) and much more! After his overseas career, listen in on how he found his passion for coaching and how he was able to go back to Valley to coach at his old high school. Mike Ruble joined me to discuss his basketball journey that included successful stops at Solano JC, Vanguard University, and 4 years playing professionally overseas. His favorite shoe ever is the Nike Air Maestro and his favorite player is Grant Hill. Get Chris Chase's email address (c***** and phone number (650-465-..) at RocketReach. Posted by. Make sure to listen in and get ready for Shine to deliver some Strayt Talk on this episode!!! I spend lots of time behind cameras. (business & personal). Because our readers rely on us for accurate reviews, we maintain independence from brands and offer straightforward and honest opinions on all the products we test. You will hear about his sport playing days that included flourishing in 5 sports and the impact that it had on keeping him busy all the way through high school. Theres some great stuff going on in the league now. The Strayt Talk With Strayhand Podcast is available on all major platforms! You will hear about his great 4 year high school career, to having his one D1 offer taken away right before signing day, and the unorthodox route he took to playing D1 basketball. 78 | Interview with former Sheldon High/Cal State LA guard and future pro Elishja Duplechan!!! Dont miss this episode! As a former professional wrestler, it's no surprise Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is taller than average, towering at nearly six and a half feet tall . He also talks about the impact that his family has had on his hoop career including dedicating this past season to his grandfather, the special relationship he shares with his brother Isiah(on and off the court), and all of the accomplishments(individually and as a team) he was able to achieve his senior year! We discuss the influence that his dad(Ben, one of the best high school players in Sac history) had on his game, the special bond him and his brother Omari shared on and off the court, his time in Virginia, his AAU experiences and much more. Cosumnes River College Mens Basketball Coaching Staff joined me to discuss CRC hoops, what to expect from the team this year, the impact covid has had on their program and recruiting here locally in Sac/Elk Grove! The guys talk what's it's like to be a "sneaker head". Get ready for some Strayt Talk on this episode! 76 | Strayt Talk Session with former Sheldon standout and Long Beach State guard Drew Cobb!!! We also discuss what hes been up to during his post career and his current involvement with the game of baseball! Get ready for a phenomenal episode! Erika Bean joined me to discuss her basketball journey that started locally in Sacramento but led her to eventually playing professionally overseas in Greece this past season! The creator of the WearTesters name and original site, head of operations, and running shoes reviewer. The guys talk what's it's like to be a "sneaker head". 81 | Interview with four-star WR and Christian Brothers standout Phillip Bell!!! Shine is the personal trainer to the likes of Jordan Ford, Jordan Brown, Isa Silva, Tyrell Roberts, and Noah Blackwell! We discuss what motivated him to start his organization after moving back to Sacramento 3 years ago from Redding, as well as how much the game(AAU specifically) has changed. Listen to this episode from The Lou Cappetta Show on Spotify. Get ready for some Strayt Talk on this episode! Evan is a basketball and kicks fanatic, and host of Weartesters en Espaol based in Spain. Local up and coming artist/producer OscariLoveThis joined me to discuss how his love for basketball and the lessons learned while on the court helped him with his music career. Chris Chase, better known as Nightwing2303 from joins the show to talk about his journey, his favorite sneakers and so much more. As Chris struck out on his own, he only had money for rent and utilities and had to walk four miles each way to work at an AMC theater, where soda and popcorn were his staple diet. Sign up for a free account. Phil Ricci joined me to discuss his phenomenal journey that started with very humble beginnings. He then discusses why he didnt pursue an overseas professional playing career and instead focused on helping kids and coaching! el silbon whistle sound chris chase weartesters height. Going into his 5th season, he will talk about the goals he has for CRC on and off the court! Find performance. 45 | Interview with Long Beach State guard and former Sheldon High standout Drew Cobb!!! #11 - Chris Chase aka Nightwing2303, WearTesters Origin Story, The Love of Sneakers. Former Long Beach State standout(also former Sheldon High star) and 3levation Athletics Founder Drew Cobb joined me to discuss the ending of his college career and the launching of 3levation Athletics! He talks about his experience at Long Beach State as a freshman and winning the Big West Defensive Player Of The Year award to entering the transfer portal after a phenomenal year and landing at USC! We go over our selections for MVP, DPOY, Rookie of the year and more! He delivered some success principles that could be applied by everyone, no matter what you are doing in life! He is the Founder of and enjoys sharing his love and passion for sneakers one review at a time. Cookie Notice She also shared with us her hobbies, her love for outreaches(including feeding the homeless), her other passions and goals that she has for the future! Join Facebook to connect with Chris Chase and others you may know. Like always, the episode is full of Strayt Talk!!! ", Some of his most popular YouTube videos include "How to get Sneakers for Cheap" and "Nike Air Max 90 Black/ White/ Medium Grey - Volt + How to.". 8. Share. One of the things I got into writing for, writing for sneaker websites, was to at some point interview this man. A lot of shoe reviewers (aka shoetubers) these days get free pairs of all the latest kicks. We also get into his sports background growing up that had professional overseas potential. Get ready to listen to an awesome episode!!! Wayne Hunter joined me to discuss his basketball journey that included starring at Valley High School to being recruited by many great D1 colleges before eventually deciding to go to Saint Marys! Release Date: 2022 Price: $149Most of you probably haven't even heard of Rigorer. Get ready for an episode that was 100% transparent from a player who has went through it all, some major gems he delivered and of course Strayt Talk! 59 | Interview with Simple Garden CBD Co-Owner Chris Newton!!! Long Beach State guard Drew Cobb joined me to discuss his hoop journey that was filled with lots of unexpected twists and turns as well as adversity he had to overcome! You don't want to miss this conversation! So get ready for your first Strayt Talk With Strayhand! He speaks about how a lot of his game was self taught and the mental toughness required to perform at a high level. She was able to leverage all of her success and got signed to play professionally this past season in Greece! Models Inc model Mahari Strayhand joined me to discuss how she got in the industry, what she loves about it and talks about her experiences working on projects with the likes of a.b.c kidswear and beautiful mixed kids! 58 | Interview with The Director of A/V & Broadcast for the Sacramento Kings Brian Hilton!!! Also get ready to hear about some classic battles he had against Kevin Garnett and the late great Kobe Bryant! Hardwood Palace General Manager Steve Williams joined me to briefly discuss his sports background before he went on to help build Hardwood Palace into what it is today! Then I have my regular income that I live off of. 83 | Interview with Sac Skills Owner and player development specialist/skills trainer Sam Luong!!! WearTesters is part of the Apparel & Accessories Retail industry, and located in Texas, United States. Former 12 year NBA vet and current Sacramento Kings Assistant/Player Development Coach Bobby Jackson and Player Development Specialist Sam Luong joined me on this special episode to go over the exciting launch of their upcoming venture together with the Bobby Jackson Basketball Academy! I get their take on some hot topics such as holdbacks and the impact of players now being able to get paid off their likeness and much more! A few days ago I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with Nightwing2303 and chopping it up. The detailed review and testing process used by our veteran team of weartesters is designed to provide recommendations and insights that help people determine the best shoes and apparel for them. He went on to Scotland Campus Sports(Prep School), where he used his impeccable work ethic to prove himself again and to show he belonged. Dont miss this jam packed episode! As far as the inaccessible sneakers or quantities or whatever, again thats the same where its kinda like, Im at the point now where Ill see something like, for example, the Jordan Futures that came out that they launched two colorways initially of the Premiums. He also shares the experiences he had while playing professionally overseas for 12+ years as well as the 3 seasons he coached with the Sacramento Kings after he retired from playing. Get ready to hear about the Rico Hines basketball camp in Africa he was a part of, the new trainings and camps that he(and his team) is offering and the future plans he has for hoops in Sacramento! 5 free lookups per month. CRC Head Basketball Coach Jonathan James joined me to discuss his journey as a player that included successful stops at JUCO and at West Georgia before playing overseas! View the profiles of people named Chris Chase. 11 | Interview with Alabama State commit Kareem Clark! Find me in my home office, running, or chatting on the WearTesters Discord. He now uses that same passion as a trainer and has founded Encore Basketball Training! Listen in to hear how he didnt start playing organized basketball until his sophomore year but was able to keep working and ended up being the 3rd leading scorer in Junior College in the state of California while at Lassen for his sophomore year before finishing out his college playing days at Sac State! 33 | Interview with former Galt/Delta/Oregon State standout and former overseas pro Philip Ricci!!! You will get to hear about the massive success hes had at every level and stories of the great players he has been able to coach over the years. We also get into his battles on the court with Michael Jordan as well as his classic victory in college over two future NBA hall of famers in Alonzo Mourning and Dikembe Mutombo(when Xavier beat Georgetown in the NCAA tourney)! please see below screenshot for your reference, does tea have lectins,
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