UTD Z-Plus Double tanks

UTD Z-Plus Double tanks

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UTD Z-Plus Classic or PRO Double Tank System Complete – Cave/Wreck/Tech Side-Mount Version Everything you need to go Cave/Wreck/Tech double tank Z-Side-Mount diving. This system is designed for divers who want to take double tanks side mount diving and includes your Z-Harness, Z-PRO Plus Trim Device, Z-Isolatable Manifold,  2 x Z-Stage Bottle Kit and all the hoses and fittings you need.


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Features and Benefits Designed for Cave/Wreck/Tech Z-Diving Complete Z-Harness with SS plates, webbing, d-rings and tank bungee Can accommodates 1 or 2 tanks on either side of diver Z-Plus Classic or PRO Trim Device 50lbs/21kgs of lift Built-in attachments for Weight pockets and other accessories Z-Isolatable Manifold (8 ports) for attaching upto 6 outputs and 2 inputs Z-Manifold Hose Kit 2 x Female Q6 Input Hose  7’/2.0m Long Hose 24″/65cm Necklace Hose 22″/56cm BCD Hose 2 x Z-Stage Bottle Harness 2 x Z-Stage Bottle Hose Kit Male QC6 Stage Hose Over Pressure Relief Valve (OPV) High Pressure Hose for stage bottle SPG UTD Z-Harness Features and Benefits Designed for Z-Diving Comes complete with SS plates, webbing, d-rings and tank bungee Can accommodates 1 or 2 tanks on either side of diver Stainless Steel Plate Z-harness comes complete and ready to dive Stainless-steel D-rings and triglide stoppers for right and left shoulders and butt area Stainless-steel waist buckle Adjustable crotch strap 40″ of 3/8″ Bungee for tank plus two Bungee ends UTD Z PRO Plus Trim Device Features and Benefits Designed for Side-mount Diving and Z-Diving Streamline and Low profile Power and inflate and OPV Adapts and fits all backplates or any other side mount harness.  Specification PRO cover Pleated bladder 50lbs/21 kg Lift capacity Easily adapted to Z-Harness Fits any Backplate with Adapter Z-Isolatable Manifold Features and Benefits Marine Grade Aluminum Isolatable Manifold Connects to a Z-Harness 8 ports for input or output Isolate 4 left side LP ports from 4 right side LP ports Connect your long hose and bcd to the right side and the necklace hose and drysuit hose to the left side, for complete redundancy and consistency with back mount double s diving Allows for 2 inputs and 6 outputs   2 x UTD Z-Stage Bottle Harness AL80/11L Features and Benefits Complete rigging needed to setup your cylinder at home as a z-stage bottle  No Metal to metal SS Snaps and Tank Straps Two Thick Rubber bands Z-Manifold Hose Kit Features and Benefits All Hoses needed to attach to your Z-Manifold to convert your second stages for a Z-Diving System 2 x 22″/56cm LP Hose w/ QC6 Female 7’/2.0 m Long Hose for Primary Regulator 24″/65cm LP Hose for Backup Regulator 22″/56cm BCD Hose 2 x Z-Stage Bottle Hose Kit Features and Benefits Complete hose need to convert your first stage for your stage bottle to a Z-Stage Bottle 24″/65cm LP Hose w/ QC6 Male 6″/15cm H.P. hose for SPG  Over Pressure Relief Valve