UTD Alpha/Delta Hybrid Trim Device Only

UTD Alpha/Delta Hybrid Trim Device Only

1,910 AED

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  • Alpha/Delta hybrid style wing for single tank back-mount diving or for single or double tank side-mount diving (same as Z-Plus trim device).


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In designing the new Alpha/Delta Trim Device, we set out to create one hybrid trim device that can do it all. Alpha/Delta works as both a back and side mounted rig, taking only minutes to transition between the two. Back or side mounted, in warm or cold water, paired with a hard, soft or travel backplate, Alpha/Delta is truly the only single tank or side mount trim device you will ever need. To accomplish this we drew on everything we had learned designing the groundbreaking Z and Z+ side mount systems as well as the Alpha and Alpha Doubles trim devices. What emerged was a versatile trim device that will accommodate almost any type of diving you do.

The key to it all was a very low profile, streamlined trim device that contours to the body. The Alpha/Delta, with upto 37lbs/17kgs of lift, has a much lower profile than traditional wings. This streamlining produced a trim device that simply will not “taco” or wrap up and around the side of a tank, producing drag. Neither will the Alpha/Delta Trim Device allow gas to roll around the bladder (referred to as “air shifting”) which produces instability in the divers trim.

In designing the Z and Z+ systems we learned quite a bit about how the positioning of lift effects a divers trim. In previous wing designs, the emphasis was on placing the majority of the lift near the shoulders to achieve proper horizontal trim. The Alpha/Delta Trim Device puts the majority of the lift lower on the body, exactly where the diver needs it. This naturally places the diver in a flat, feet up position.

Alpha/Delta was born hybrid. The overpressure valve and LP hose can be reversed to accommodate back and side mounted rigs. In a traditional wing, a diver would often have to transition from proper trim to a feet down or vertical position in order to dump gas out of the wing. In either configuration, the diver can dump gas from both right and left in any trim position.

Introducing the Alpha/Delta Trim Device. One trim device. Endless applications.


Features and Benefits

  • The Alpha/Delta Hybrid Trim Device/Wing works for either back-mount single tank or side-mount single/double tank
  • Easy to switch from back-mount to side-mount back to back mount
  • Designed for horizontal diving position
  • Easy dump air from rear dump and from LP hose while in the Horizontal prone position
  • Power inflator and OPV can be interchanged between bottom left side, right side and top of Trim Device.
  • Heavy duty cover on wing to protect bladder
  • 3 year warranty on wing

37lbs / 17 Kg Alpha/Delta Wing

  • Alpha/Delta hybrid style wing for single tank back-mount diving or for single or double tank side-mount diving (same as Z-Plus trim device).
  • One wing works for warm water and cold water diving. No need for a 20lbs/9kg wing or a 30lbs/14kg wig or a 40lbs/23kg. 
  • Super Low Profile and Streamline.
  • Always stays snug to your body. No wing flapping around or “Taco”ing – Significantly Reduces Dynamic Instability.
  • Dumps from left and right side
  • Correct position of the lift cell to keep you in the horizontal prone position – Hence Trim Device.
  • Inflator/Deflator LP hose can be configured on the bottom of the trim device for side-mount and the top of the trim device for back-mount. 
  • 37lbs / 17 kg Lift