Regulators Rec Pack

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Regulators Rec Pack

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UTD Rec. Combination – PZ-1 First Stage + 2 x BZ-2 Second Stages


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1 x PZ-1 First Stage and 2 x BZ-2 Second Stages PZ-1 First Stage Features   Piston first stage for simplicity and reliability DIN Tank connection (4500psi/300bar) reduces risk of potential entanglement Swivel turret with 5 L.P ports allows for complete flexiblity of configuration 2 H.P ports, one on either side, enables flexible configuration as left or right tank first stage Bottom L.P port on swivel turret to accommodate a long hose in UTD back-gas configuration Cold water anti freeze protection to prevent freeflows Durable and long lasting components Specifications Air balanced flow-through piston design Chrome plated brass body Cold water: Anti-Freeze protection Externally adjustable intermediate pressure Low pressure ports: 5 on swivel turret High pressure ports: 2 Tank connection: DIN 4500psi/300 bar Weight: : 592g / 20.9oz Air Flow at 3000psi / 200bar: >8500 l/min – 301 SCFM Intermediate pressure: 9-9.8 bar / 130-142 psi   BZ-2 Second Stage Features Pneumatically Balanced Second Stage for solid performance and reliability Ergonomic one handed diver-adjustable inhalation effort knob and Venturi Inhalation Assist (VIA) lever, making perfect regulator tuning a breeze Small size housing with a full faced soft flexible purge button makes it the right choice for all environments including sandy beaches. No “STUCK” purge buttons anymore. All chromed metal components – inlet tube, orifice, inhalation control knob and cooling connector and nut – for excellent performance even in cold water.  Metal components also allow for extremely easy breathing while also retaining heat and moisture from exhaled breath. This provides increased resistance to freezing in cold water and less “dry mouth”. Expanded exhalation port and diffusing T piece, both reducing CO2 buildup while pushing the exhaltion bubbles further away from the front of your face. No more bubbles in your face. Specifications Air balanced flow-through design Chrome plated inlet tube, adjustment knob, cooling spacer, orfice and nut Cold water: Anti-Freeze protection Expanded Exhaust T-Piece with a soft chin guard Nitrox Compatible out the box High comfort orthodontic mouthpiece Weight: 275g / 9.7oz Air flow at 200 bar/3000psi: 1800 l/min – 66 SCFM Weight: : 592g / 20.9oz Cracking Effort at 9b/135psi: 1.0’/2.5cm of Seawater Intermediate pressure: 9-9.8 bar / 130-142 psi CE marked and approved Limited Lifetime Warranty