Neutrally buoyant fins

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Neutrally buoyant fins

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The perfect fin for perfect power, perfect precision and perfect buoyancy for wetsuits, shortie’s or skins.


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Features Short, wide blade with soft arc in the center to cup the water Neutral is freshwater, positive in saltwater, to help promote proper trim and balance to the wetsuit, shortie or diver with a skin on. Comfortable deep foot pocket to allow for use of full feet for power 4 sizes to fit all Divers (M, L, XL, XXL) Pre Installed Heavy Duty Dual Bungee Heel Straps for easy of donning and doffing Thick sidewalls for great backward kicking Durable and long lasting specialized rubber compound for neutral buoyancy in fresh water and slightly positive in saltwater. Specifications Rubber Rigid fin Open heel with heavy duty dual bungee cord straps M, L, XL, XXL Sizes to fits all divers Thick tall side walls Drain holes in foot pocket Neutrally Buoyant fin in fresh water, slightly positive in saltwater (Full 1lbs lighter than regular Precision Fins) Weight: Size XL is 2lbs 10oz / 1.19 Kgs (Negative Precision Fin is 3lbs 6oz / 1.53 kgs and Jet Fins are 3lbs 12oz / 1.7kgs with spring strap)