A popular entry-level technical dive in the country, quite close to Fujairah port, just in the normoxic trimix range, Ines is a favorite from the Tech community of the UAE.

Depth: 72 meter

Life: Jacks, tuna, rays, guitar sharks, hammour, ...

Levels: technical divers


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A popular entry-level technical dive site situated fairly near to Fujairah port. This dive site is a favourite among Tec divers in the UAE for dives in the normoxic trimix range. The anchor line runs down to a depth of 55m.

Rich in marine life, Ines is the perfect example of why people start and get hooked on technical diving. The site is great to visit with a scooter or on a closed circuit rebreather.

History of the Ines

The Ines was anchored off of Fujairah in 1999 when an explosion onboard caused a fire. The result was crew being missing, injured and a fatality. Luckily 22 members were rescued. The wreck rests upside down and the main body has been destroyed, however there are are areas where you can swim underneath.

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