Artificial Reef

Artificial Reef

A fantastic dive site suitable for open water certified divers located just a few minutes boat ride away from our main centre.

Depth: 16 meter maximum


Levels: Dibba Rock is great for snorkelling as well as all level of divers, including first timers. There are good opportunities also for photographers.


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The Emirate of Fujairah is known for its beautiful scenery and underwater it is no different. This is Indian Ocean diving! Fujairah was the first of the Emirates to establish a marine protected area. Here at Freestyle Divers, we are lucky enough to have some of the best dive sites right on our doorstep inlcluding the MPA. Artificial Reef is one of these  dive sites that is definitely worth the visit!

Artificial Reef consisits of a series of conctrete bulbs stretegically placed to encourage growth and fish population. A sunken boat is just a short swim away, where is is often possible to find morays at a cleaning station. Keep your eyes open for the hard working cleaner shrimp! The sunken boat is a great spot on the Artificial Reef to find other kinds of crustaceans. You may be lucky enough to see a shoal of yellow tail barracuda shoaling around you. Take a further swim over the sand and keep your eyes peeled for peacock sole, cuttlefish and squid or anything bigger that may be passing by.

A large mound of concrete boulders were placed to encourage marine life and extend the marine protected area. This can be found after swimming just a few minutes from the sunken boat. This was a successful cause given the amount of life this patch is bustling with! Here, take a look underneath the boulders and find different species of ray, moray eels, colourful nudibranches and crustacians. On the boulders themself you can find urchins and anenomes as well as other plant and coral growth. Porcupine and puffer fish bobbing past can often be seen here. In addition, angelfish flit in and out of the structure. Above the structure schools of fusiliers, snapper and trevally cruise around.

Diving Artificial Reef

Artificial Reef is suitable for PADI Open Water certified divers and up. It has a maximum depth of 16m and we run this trip most days and on weekends more than once on the same day.

Whilst the Artificial Reef also makes for a fantastic fun dive, it is also a great location for the navigation dive of the PADI Advanced Course or PADI Underwater Navigation Specialty because the structures are located a little distance from each other. This dive site also has a sandy bottom which is perfect for training. We hope you will join us soon to experience this fantastic dive site! We cannot emphasize enough how much life has come to call this site home.